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SRE Racing Engines Acquires Gaerte Engines
September 20, 2019
Gaerte Engines, which is based in Rochester, Indiana, was founded 50 years ago by legendary engine builder Earl Gaerte.
SRE Racing Engines Acquires Gaerte Engines

Steve Rolenc Enterprises (SRE Racing Engines) of Tucson, Arizona, has announced the recent acquisition of Gaerte Engines.

“We are here to honor the proud legacy of Earl's name, by building the best racing engines, using time-honored techniques and just plain doing it right, including doing right by our customers and suppliers. In addition to decades of our own experience, we have Gaerte's customer build sheets, notes, engineering specs and drawings,” a company release said on the Gaerte Engines social media page.

Gaerte Engines will utilize a one year “unconditional guarantee” warranty on all new dyno-tuned race engines.

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