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Motorsports Companies Adjust Operations In Response To COVID-19
June 30, 2020
Racing businesses and manufacturers have altered production, including making PPEs and medical supply components, during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
Motorsports Companies Adjust Operations In Response To COVID-19

Racing businesses have provided updates on their operations in response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

$2.95 Guys
Face masks and essential company t-shirts are now available through $2.95 Guys. Its "shirt face masks" are available custom printed with a logo or message. A minimum order of one case (120 masks) is required. Each custom mask is $4.95.

Additionally, its custom-printed essential company shirts are also available. For more information, contact 858-513-7000 or visit

3-Dimensional Services Group
Located near Detroit in Rochester Hills, Michigan, Urgent Plastic Services, a branch of 3-Dimensional Services Group, has halted regular production to manufacture protective respirator housings for mobile respirator machines.

The components will be sent to another company to be assembled and issued to urgent care and hospitals around the world. The effort is led by Trans-Am driver and team principal Doug Peterson, the owner of 3-Dimensional Services.

For more information, visit

Advanced Clutch Technology
Advanced Clutch Technology is open for business, but there may be delays in shipping due to reduced staff. For more information, visit

AEM Performance Electronics
AEM is still manufacturing, assembling, and shipping products, with non-essential workers operating remotely. There may be a slight delay in technical support and customer service, which can be reached at (for engine management support) and (for all other products).

Air Flow Research
Air Flow Research (AFR) is fulfilling orders. All staff members are following guidelines to protect themselves and the community. For more information, visit

Billet Specialties
Billet Specialties is fulfilling orders. For more information, visit

BorgWarner is fulfilling orders, and reported that some key employees have volunteered their time to make personal protection equipment (PPE) for frontline health workers. For more information, visit

Bridgestone Americas
Bridgestone Americas is fulfilling orders. For more information, visit

Buffalo Turbine
Buffalo Turbine has announced the District Disinfector Series, its latest line of sprayers designed to aid municipalities and commercial operations in the fight against COVID-19. The easy-to-deploy, self-contained sprayer, which is designed for use with any truck or utility vehicle, is capable of disinfecting large areas. Applications may include but are not limited to crosswalks, benches, lamp posts, mailboxes, bus stops, streets, sidewalks, building facades, park equipment, and stadiums. The sprayer is compatible with EPA, NYS DEC, CDC, and WHO registered and approved disinfectants. For more information, visit

Bully Dog Performance
Bully Dog Performance, as well as its parent company, Derive Systems, is implementing remote work and virtual collaboration. The company has canceled all large gatherings and non-essential business travel. The company is also limiting visitors to all office locations, as advance approval is needed for any office visits. Sales and customer service are available and the company is shipping orders as usual. For more information, visit

Centerforce Clutches
Centerforce Clutches is currently fully operational and still manufacturing products and shipping orders. According to the company, it is monitoring the situation around the virus closely and adhering to local, state, and federal guidelines, and extra precautions have been taken to ensure customer and employee safety. Centerforce has been determined as an essential business and will continue to meet demand. There may be some delays due to the safety precautions currently in place. For more information, visit

Champion Brands, LLC
Champion Brands is fulfilling orders, and also manufactured alcohol hand sanitizer and isopropyl alcohol disinfectant for local senior homes, hospitals, medical-related businesses, food shelves, and local government agencies. Champion's hand sanitizer is 75% alcohol, while its isopropyl alcohol disinfectant is 99% alcohol.

Additionally, Champion will continue to accept and ship orders as normal. The company has adjusted internally, including social distancing, frequent sanitizing of facilities, transitioning some employees to work from home. On-site visits from non-employees have also been suspended. For more information, call 660-890-6231 or visit

Classic Industries
Classic Industries is fulfilling orders. Customer service personnel are working remotely during regular business hours, and longer wait lines may be expected. For more information, contact and visit

Crower Cams & Equipment Co.
Crower continues to ship products and manufacture with a reduced staff. The company has implemented remote work where possible, temporarily suspended visitors to the facility, established social distancing, and have taken additional sanitizing measures. The company continues to manufacture products and is taking new orders, although some materials and products may have increased lead times. Visit for more information. 

CRP Technology
CRP Technology is fulfilling orders, and manufacturing several functional prototypes of emergency valves for reanimation devices and link-components for emergency respiratory masks for assisted ventilation. The CRP Technology’s Rapid Prototyping Department has used 3D printing technology called HSS (High Speed Sintering) and the Windform P1 isotropic material to make both types of components. For more information, visit

Cummins has reached an agreement with 3M to manufacture high-efficiency particulate filters for use in 3M’s Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPRs). PAPRs use a battery-powered blower that sends filtered air into a hood or head top that covers the wearer’s head or face and can provide increased levels of respiratory protection. PAPRs may also be more comfortable to wear for those who need respiratory protection for long periods of time. The partnership has the potential to more than double the current production of filters for 3M’s PAPRs. For the latest information, visit

Custom Automotive Network (CAN)
Custom Automotive Network (CAN) President Tracie Nunez sent out a letter regarding its CAN Connect conference, set to be held in September, which the organization continues to prepare for as scheduled. CAN offices are fully operational from multiple remote locations and during normal business hours. For more information, visit

CTech Manufacturing
The company has been deemed essential and continues to operate as normal. CTech's targeted 10-day lead time for tool drawer manufacturing remains uninterrupted. The company also continues to follow CDC guidelines, has implemented remote work where possible, and has suspended all work-related travel. Visits to company facilities have been limited to business-critical only. For more information, visit

Dart Machinery
Dart Machinery is fulfilling orders and has lowered its pre-paid freight policy to help its customers. The new pre-paid freight will be set at $8,000 on any order of Dart products. For more information, reach out to or 248-362-1188.

Dayco has applied its manufacturing resources to help produce a vital component in the conversion of a readily available snorkeling mask into a ventilator. The mask is already being used in hospitals in northern Italy and by the Italian Red Cross. Dayco has begun production on a key component, the Charlotte Valve, which allows the mask to be converted to a medical respiratory device. The company is utilizing its 3D printers at its San Bernardo d'Ivrea facility in northern Italy. For more information, visit

While the company is still distributing products, it has shifted to a three-day-per-week, 12-hour workday production schedule and is encouraging remote work when possible. It has also provided employees with sanitizer and is following CDC guidelines. The company currently expects no disruption of production or distribution. For more information, visit

Don Schumacher Racing
Don Schumacher Motorsports converted two Stratasys 3D printers to manufacture headband components for medical face shields. For more information, visit

Engine and Performance Warehouse
Engine and Performance Warehouse sent a letter to customers stating that all EPWI facilities are currently open and the company continues to accept and ship orders as normal. The company has experienced some minimal delays and supply chain disruptions. EPWI also asks that all orders be called in or ordered through The company will not currently be accepting orders at the will-call counter.

Engine Pro
Engine Pro distribution centers stay open as essential businesses. According to the company website, there may be some shortages and slowdowns from suppliers but Engine Pro is working to boost inventories to meet current and future demand. Ordering online or by phone is preferred. Customers are advised to call their distribution center to determine if any special procedures are in place for in-person sales. For more information, visit

EXEDY is in full operation and following Michigan guidelines. The company is still processing and fulfilling daily shipments. Orders can be placed during normal daily hours of 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m. (EDT). For more information, contact or 800-346-6091.

Factory Five Racing
Company President Dave Smith provided an update via email, which read: We have been able to continue working as an automotive parts manufacturer, but I've dialed back operations to a minimum to support mostly the parts side of the business (and keep our work going on our massive solar array and new facility construction). The small team here is working under extreme contact precautions, social distancing, and each functional team of ten people or less work in separate spaces or in large areas of 6,000 sq. ft. The team is supporting our customers in creative ways with more emails and messaging, daily live broadcasts (on YouTube and Facebook Live), and work from home where possible. Our production schedule has been modified and delays are being addressed, but I'm super proud of the team.

For more information, visit

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA)
FCA is producing face masks for donation to first responders and healthcare workers. The first machinery has been delivered and installed with supply and donation coming on stream in the coming weeks. In addition, FCA has announced the expansion of its charitable programs. For more information, visit

Fleece Performance
Fleece Performance has redeployed its engineers and a portion of its flexible manufacturing space to develop, test, document, and begin producing a disposable full face shield for medical professionals nationwide. Officials report the ability to produce 500 shields per single shift, with up to 100,000 units made each day. For more information, visit

Fluidampr continues to operate and ship products, according to the company. Fluidampr has canceled all travel, implemented remote work where possible, temporarily suspended any visitors to its facility, and instituted social distancing and additional sanitizing measures. The company continues to manufacture products and is taking and fulfilling orders. For more information, visit

G-FORCE Race Gear
G-FORCE Race Gear remains open with all teams currently working remotely and adhering to local, state, and federal shelter-in-place guidelines. The company's new warehouse and office facilities are on schedule to open. Contact or visit for more information.

Grand Prix Auto Sports Center
Grand Prix Auto Sports Center remains fully staffed and open for business but has mandated all government guidelines to keep employees and customers safe. For more information, visit

Hooker Harness
Hooker Harness has begun manufacturing fabric masks for the Stephenson County Health Department for use by local Emergency Management Services. The Freeport, Illinois-based custom seatbelt and shoulder harness manufacturer has already completed several hundred masks, which are cleaned and sanitizes at a second location, then packaged and shipped to EMS departments.

"We'd rather be at the track but we're happy to be able to do this," Hooker Harness Company Owner Scott McPhillips said. For more information, visit

HRX Bespoke Motorsport
HRX, known for its production of FIA- and SFI-approved fireproof clothing, has begun production of civilian face masks. Company officials also announced plans to produce fully compliant surgical grade lab coats and face masks for healthcare workers. Production will take place in its headquarters in Turin, Italy. Officials estimate the company will produce around 50,000 units per month. In addition, HRX will donate 10% of its turnover of the new production line to "Protezione Civile," an Italian organization that aims to protect the community. For more information, contact or visit

Ignite Racing Fuel
Ignite Racing Fuel is manufacturing hand sanitizer through its High Performance Lubricants brand. For more information, view a video overview here, or call 815-932-3288.

Impact Racing Inc.
Impact Racing Inc., which includes the MasterCraft Safety and MasterCraft Defense brands, is open and fulfilling orders. As a defense sector manufacturer and now medical PPE manufacturer, Impact Racing Inc. is considered an essential business and will remain open for business. The company is producing face masks for the general population, which are available for purchase. The company’s manufacturing facility in Indianapolis is accepting deliveries and manufacturing as normal. The Impact showroom is closed, but curbside pickup is available. The sales staff is available from 8:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m. to take calls and answer emails. The company is following CDC-recommended guidelines for social distancing, cleaning the environment, work from home options, and restricted travel. For more information, visit

Indy Performance Composites (IPC)
IPC is manufacturing face masks with 3D printing in partnership with Stratasys to assist with PPE shortage for medical staff.

Keystone Automotive Operations
Keystone Automotive Operations employees are currently following CDC guidelines and instituting more frequent disinfecting of delivery vehicles and facilities. Employees are working from home where possible, but the company continues to process and fulfill orders. For more information, visit

Legendary Companies
Legendary Companies and its subsidiary Coker Tire is fully staffed, but no longer accepting walk-in customers. Will-call pickup is available. For more information, visit

LIQUI MOLY is fulfilling orders, and also announced a bonus for each employee in response to the pandemic. The company also has a majority of its administration working from home. For more information, visit

Livernois Motorsports and Engineering
Livernois Motorsports and Engineering has been deemed essential and will continue to fulfill orders, but will operate on a limited schedule with limited staff. Staff will also not give walk-throughs to new or existing customers unless it is a pre-approved appointment. For more information, visit

Lubrication Specialties Inc. (LSI)/ Hot Shot's Secret
Lubrication Specialties Inc., the manufacturer of Hot Shot’s Secret fuel and oil additives and specialty oils, has announced two production lines have been redeployed to produce hand sanitizer in multiple sizes, including bulk, with special pricing for race tracks and SEMA member companies. For more information, email Production, distribution, and sales of the company’s 35 products for the automotive aftermarket are still ongoing, and there are no reported supply chain issues.

For more information, visit or, or call 800-341-6516.

Lucas Oil
Lucas Oil Products, the California-based manufacturer and distributor of automotive oils and additives, is fulfilling orders. Lucas Oil is also offering hand sanitizer refill bottles for purchase through distributor networks nationwide. Lucas' new Hand Sanitizer is made with 80 percent ethyl alcohol.

Lucas' liquid formula is fast-acting and has a milder odor than isopropyl-based hand sanitizers. Lucas Hand Sanitizer is also made using glycerin additives that help keep your hands from feeling dry and cracked, according to a press release. The sanitizer is available in a 64-fluid ounce (two-quart) refill bottle.

In addition, a portion of the proceeds from every bottle of Lucas Oil Hand Sanitizer sold will be donated to high-risk facilities and organizations including local and regional senior centers, homeless shelters, and more. For more information, visit

MAHLE Motorsport North America
MAHLE Motorsport, the manufacturer of performance and race piston assemblies and custom pistons located in Fletcher, North Carolina, reports that for the past two months part of their staff has been working from home and they are in the process of transitioning back to the office. The company’s supply chain has remained intact. Moving forward, MAHLE Motorsport has returned to full strength in regards to manufacturing and throughout the pandemic has not had a problem with meeting the demand for pistons and rings to vendors. For more information, visit

McLeod Racing
McLeod Racing remains fully operational and continues to build and ship products while practicing safe protocols to protect employees. Tech and sales lines continue to operate normally while the staff works remotely. For more information, visit

Melling Engine Parts
Melling Engine Parts is fulfilling orders, and announced it will minimize operations but will remain open and shipping products with a reduced staff. Customers may experience a delay in shipments. For more information, visit

Meyer Distributing
The company has added additional stock and broadened its shop supply category with products like toilet paper, disinfectants, cleaners, sanitizers, soap, and more. For more information, visit

Mittler Bros. Machine & Tool
Mittler Bros. Machine & Tool continues to operate, according to a letter from Paul Mittler, although upcoming metal-shaping and metal-working classes, hosted by the company have been postponed. For more information, visit

Molecule has begun production of hand sanitizer in accordance with the FDA request for the topical product. The company, who specializes in cleaning performance apparel and equipment of all types, will be repurposing raw materials and packaging to meet the need. Molecule Hand Sanitizer is available in four-ounce and one-gallon sizes. For more information, visit

ProCharger, along with its parent company Accessible Technologies, has been deemed an essential business and is fully operational at all its facilities. Sales and tech support are also still available and most supercharger orders are currently ready to ship within two business days. For more information, visit

ProMedia Events & Publishing
ProMedia Events & Publishing, the parent company of the Holley NMRA Ford Nationals and NMCA Muscle Car Nationals, has closed its office but remains operational as staff members work remotely. Personnel will be available via email only. Longer processing times are expected for merchandise orders, memberships, rule requests, and other inquiries. For more information, visit

Racecar Engineering
Racecar Engineering, based in Lakeland, Florida, is 100% operational, fully staffed, receiving and shipping parts and operating under all current city, county, state, and federally mandated guidelines and best practices (self-distancing, cleaning, etc.). The company’s satellite Midwest fulfillment center is also still operating and shipping parts to customers daily. Operations are subject to change at any time. For more information, visit

Racequip has activated a plan that adheres to government guidelines while remaining open and in full operation. Most employees are working from home, and the warehouse continues to ship products with safety precautions in place. For more information, visit

Racing Optics
Racing Optics is fulfilling orders, and also announced a multi-layer optically removal film for face shields and medical hoods.

Racing Optics has also released its patent-pending RealShield, a reusable face cover made in the US designed to be an affordale, premium solution for businesses seeking to remain compliant with reopening guidelines. The RealShield is made of durable, lightweight, and shatterproof LEXAN material that is 15 mil thick to protect the eyes, nose, and mouth from airborne droplets. The shield is easy to clean, adds UV protection, and fits on most hats, visors, and hard hats. For more information, visit or

Racing Power Co.
Racing Power Co. is fulfilling orders. Subject to a shelter-in-place order in California, the company will continue to operate with minimum warehouse staff on site. Online retail orders are available through Fulfillment may take up to 24 hours.

Rocket Chassis
Rocket Chassis is fulfilling orders. For more information, contact, or visit

Rod End Supply
The company is shipping products daily but no longer accepting walk-in customers. The company is accepting phone, email, fax, and text orders, with provisions in place for pickup. For more information, visit

Roush Yates
Roush Yates Manufacturing Solutions, a division of Roush Yates Engines, is working in collaboration with BioMedInnovations LLC and their partners Equilibar on the development and production of specialized ventilators to help address the mounting need for life-saving health care equipment.

“In these last few weeks, we have looked for various ways to support our health care systems and country during the COVID-19 outbreak,” Roush Yates Engines President and CEO Doug Yates said. “Our talented employees are looking forward to working with BioMedInnovations and Equilibar to produce precision components and aid in the assembly of these high-tech SuppleVent ventilators.”

For more information, visit, or contact 704-662-7164 or

S&W Performance Group
S&W's Spring City, Pennsylvania manufacturing facility has officially reopened. Staff members are on-site and all departments are appropriately manned. Its production team is working to produce orders that were received during the coronavirus state-mandated shutdown. Orders will be produced and shipped in the order in which they were received.

Employees and customers are required to follow state and CDC safety guidelines. The customer lobby, which has a limited social distancing capacity, will be open from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. M-F (EST). Car and parts order pick-up are by appointment only. For more information, visit

Sabelt is using its 3D printer to produce fittings for the Decathlon diving masks used for COVID-19 patients in need of ventilators. In addition, the company is also supplying fittings for masks used by medical workers. The special component connects the masks to purifiers to prevent the spread of the virus. For more information, visit

Clean Harbors and Safety-Kleen have announced decontamination and disposal services for businesses. The companies can help with preparedness, business continuity, and response. For more information, contact a Safety-Kleen motorsports representative, including Drew Patey at 386-547-7091 and Buddy Judy at 336-451-4250; or visit

Simpson Racing Products
Simpson Racing Products is shipping safety gear. For more information, visit

SPAL USA remains open and continues shipping products. The company's Italian facility remains open and fully operational with reduced staff. For more information, visit

Sparta Evolution
Mark Joseph, COO of Sparta Evolution, has confirmed that the company is repurposing several CNC machines to manufacture components for various medical equipment such as life support ventilators, respirators, and other medical instruments. Along with CNC machines, Sparta Evolution maintains commercial equipment such as 3D printers and laser etchers. Staff members have reached out to several medical suppliers offering the services of its manufacturing facility. Those that want to inquire about its new manufacturing assistance, contact or 425-298-0617 (ex. 101). For more information, visit
SpeedDirect remains open for business with no changes in levels of service or supply. All necessary precautions have been implemented, including remote work, sanitation, and social distancing. All business will be conducted by phone, email, or via the company’s website. For more information, visit

Stewart-Haas Racing
Stewart-Haas Racing has announced several initiatives in response to the pandemic, including using its transporters to deliver two million face masks to Novant Health's frontline healthcare workers, and manufacturing webcam carts for patients. The championship-winning NASCAR team began building a prototype cart at the start of the pandemic for use in hospitals’ intensive care units. SHR announced plans to build 110 units for use across Novant Health’s integrated system of physician practices, hospitals, and outpatient centers. For more information, visit

Summit Racing Equipment
As an essential business, Summit Racing Equipment is open and providing its customers with parts, tools, and accessories for their project vehicles and daily drivers. The company is taking measures to keep its employees, customers, and community safe; the majority of its employees are working from home or with flexible schedules. Anyone who enters its facility is also screened for health and must wear a mask at all times. Work stations are appropriately distanced, with cleaning and sanitizing efforts appropriately increased. For more information, visit

SuperPro is still operating but has taken precautionary measures to facilitate remote work where possible and social distancing for staff still operating at its California, Australia, and New Zealand facilities. For more information, visit

SuperSprings remains operational and open for orders. The company has implemented remote working for sales, customer service, and order fulfillment departments, potentially impacting timeliness of order fulfillment. For more information, visit

Team Penske
Team Penske, along with Stratasys, produced over 500 3D printed face shields in its race shop.

Many of Tenneco’s facilities on the motor-parts side of the business remain open. Transportation-related businesses, including auto-manufacturing and assembly, auto-supply, auto-repair, and other related facilities, have been classified as essential businesses in many states, and they continue to operate and support customers that remain operational. Staff members are following proper guidelines, and global team members are working from home. For more information, visit

Turn 14 Distribution
According to Turn 14 Distribution, its distribution centers in Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Texas remain fully operational, while sales, accounting, and support staff work remotely. Employees on the job at the distribution centers are now working on separated shifts, the company said, and professional cleaners have been hired to clean high-traffic and high-contact areas of its facilities between shifts. Will Call service at all three distribution centers has been suspended until further notice. For more information, visit

UMI Performance
UMI Performance, Inc. has reopened with its sales and technical staff at full strength. Stock checks and sales questions are available via phone or email. Due to high demand and limited production over the past few months, UMI reports very limited items in stock. Customers are advised to call or check the stock online. For sales, contact For technical support and installation help, contact For more information, visit or call 814-343-6315.

VP Racing Fuels
VP Racing Fuels, Inc., the provider of performance fuels, lubricants, and additives, announced the launch of VP Hand Sanitizer to support the needs of commercial businesses, retailers, and race tracks. VP Hand Sanitizer is available in a variety of container sizes, including 32-ounce, one-gallon, and five-gallon packaging, as well as 54-gallon drums and 325-gallon totes.

VP Racing Fuels Inc. also continues to supply race fuels, coolants, and lubricants to race series and teams. For more information in North America, contact VP at 844-331-6478 or For International inquiries, contact +210-635-8774 or For more information, visit

Photo courtesy of Racing Optics