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Featured Products

AFR’s new LS3 Mongoose 260cc cylinder heads are made to flow 384cfm @0.700” of intake lift. Available in a four- or six-bolt configuration these heads are compatible with aftermarket blocks or the factory GM piece. Manufactured using A356 aluminum, these heads feature 3/4” deck thickness, 100 percent CNC ported intake and exhaust runners, plus fully machined combustion chambers. They are also CARB legal (EO D-250-5) for weekend warriors.

Aeromotive introduces the company’s first series of brushless fuel pumps. Designed specifically for extremely high-horsepower vehicles, the new brushless series of pumps offer improved performance and efficiency, especially for ethanol-fueled, street/strip applications. Aeromotive created four new brushless pumps—the Brushless A1000, the Brushless Eliminator, the 3.5gpm and the 5.0gpm Gear Pumps. The company’s new brushless technology is designed to create less heat, draw less power and eliminate the potential for wear, which is ideal for dual purpose applications requiring a continuous-duty fuel pump. The four new brushless Aeromotive fuel pumps are available in three configurations 1) external in-line, 2) direct drop-in replacement for any Aeromotive fuel cell, including COPO, Cobra Jet or Drag Pak factory race cars, or 3) as complete fuel cells available in 6-, 15- or 20-gallon capacities. The Brushless A1000 and Eliminator feature the same legendary roller vane pumping mechanisms that have been trusted for decades, now simply offered with the latest in electric motor technology. These pumps boast more flow at higher pressure than their classic counterparts, and are engineered to last a lifetime.

The Brushless A1000

External In-Line PN 11124

Direct Drop-in Upgrade PN 18023

Fuel Cells: 6gallon PN 18366, 15 gallon PN 18360 or 20 gallon PN 18361

The Brushless Eliminator

External In-Line PN 11180

Direct Drop-in Upgrade PN 18024

Fuel Cells: 6gallon PN 18367, 15 gallon PN 18362 or 20 gallon PN 18363

3.5 GPM Brushless Gear Pump

External In-Line PN 11181

Direct Drop-in Upgrade PN 18025

Fuel Cells: 6gallon PN 18376, 15 gallon PN 18370, or 20 gallon PN 18371

5.0 GPM Brushless Gear Pump

External In-Line PN 11182

Direct Drop-in Upgrade PN 18026

Fuel Cells: 6gallon PN 18377, 15 gallon PN 18372, or 20 gallon PN 18373.

Speedflow has designed and engineered a range of high-flowing Y Pieces. These are manufactured from billet 6061-T6, anodized and assembled in-house and utilize a female swivel for a greater range of applications. These are available in three step sizes, -8 Female to -6 Males, -10 Female to -8 Males and -12 Female to -10 Males. The males are in parallel, allowing the use of straight hose ends for a much more compact and smarter way to run a fluid system.

The Chassis Height Measuring System (CHMS) consists of four wireless modules, one for measuring each corner of the car, and a tablet with the CHMS app for taking measurements, saving data and bringing up past data to compare to your current live setup. The four modules can measure from 1.750" up to 10.500" with an accuracy of 0.015" or better, depending on conditions. No more laying on the ground with a tape measure, approximating your frame heights. Know all four of your heights, within three seconds of pressing a button with this quick, accurate and easy to use Chassis Height Measuring System (CHMS).