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Featured Products

World Products has introduced a new stock-replacement type block for the 8.1 liter big block engine. The 8.1 was widely used in marine, truck, motor home and industrial applications, and until now direct replacement blocks have not been available from the aftermarket. World's new block is designed to simplify use in typical applications, featuring stock style oil filter and oil cooler provisions to eliminate the need for modifying these systems. A stock crank sensor position is utilized, and stock style accessory mounting provisions, motor mounts and other fitments are all designed for direct replacement installations. Full water jackets between the cylinders of the standard 2.245" bore ensure proper cooling capacity, and bore sizes of 4.495 and 4.595 are available with siamese bores. The block is compatible with stock cylinder heads and other components.

XL Nanolube’s Engine Optimizer is formulated to transform any engine oil into a super nano lubricant for all gas and diesel engines. This lubricant additive prevents engine oil from burning and carbonizing inside your engine. It creates a permanent nano film coating around all moving parts of the engine and thus eliminating dry start.


Peterson Fluid Systems’ new design utilizes a Star Machine vacuum pump mounted to the rear of its R4 billet oil pump. This is a bulletproof, compact design with integrated clock-able vacuum pump mount. Set up is available with or without a pump mounted vacuum regulation.



Huth Ben Pearson International has introduced a new manual rod bender for a quick and easy solution to bending rods and flat stock brackets. The rod and bracket bender is lightweight and easy to use, and it can bend up to ¼-inch by one-inch flat stock, and bend rods up to 3/8 inch.