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LAT Racing Oils offers its High Performance Synthetic Racing Oil R-30S, formulated for maximum horsepower and torque for all racing engines. It features high RPM and extreme wear protection, while reducing internal friction.



Holley/MSD released its Single Plane Split-Design Race Intake Manifolds, which have been developed specifically for high-performance and race Gen III LS engines with cathedral port heads and 4150-style square-bore flanged carburetors or throttle bodies. Their special two-piece split configuration allows easy disassembly for direct access to internal plenum and port surfaces and makes custom porting and matching a snap. Lighter and less than half the price of other split race manifolds, Holley Single Plane Split-Design Race Intake Manifolds are ideal for 5.3L to 6.2L+ displacement applications and rock-solid up to 7000 rpm. The single-plane design provides extra hood clearance and optimal performance across the entire RPM band, and captured O-ring seals at the split and all eight head ports make reassembly simple and precise.

The new FAST XDi Race EFI Distributors allow the proper triggering of all EFI systems without compromising rotor phasing, for the most stable ignition timing throughout the entire RPM range. The distributor uses an advanced optical trigger to deliver more precise trigger signals (± ½-degree accuracy) than magnetic pickups used by competitors, particularly at high RPM. The FAST XDi Race EFI Distributor is constructed with a CNC-machined billet housing, a precision-ground stainless shaft and premium bearings, all hand-assembled to exacting standards. This maintains a consistent end play that eliminates another common source of timing fluctuation. Available for multiple applications with either a small or large cap, each distributor comes with a high-quality rotor and precision-machined bronze gear.

The new Digital HP from PerTronix has an ultra-small form factor that provides more installation options, and the simple dial interface accommodates quick and easy adjustments. There is nothing small about the 187mJ of spark energy or exclusive features found only in the Digital HP. Available in black # 510 or silver #512 anodized finish.


• Over 187 mJ of spark energy—30% more than  

• Integrated three-step digital REV limiter—burnout limit, launch control plus fatal over REV protection

• Multiple spark all the way to redline for better spark timing and true multiple spark function

• RPM activated trigger—accurately control shift lights, solenoids and other RPM devices

• Ultra-small form factor—70% smaller for greater installation options  

• Adjustable start retard—easier starting for high compression and hard to start engines

• Locking Molex connector—clean wire routing with positive wire harness retention

• Tachometer output lead—pure digital tach signal plus added filters for OE tachometer compatibility

• Onboard diagnostics and tach calibration

• Available in a black or silver anodized finish

• 50 State Emissions Legal - CARB E.O. # D-57-37