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STEEL-IT 1002 Polyurethane, chock-full of stainless steel micro flakes, is a high-performance coating engineered for superior performance under the most demanding conditions. STEEL-IT 1002 creates a stainless steel shield making parts nearly impervious to corrosion and highly resistant to scratching. Weldability is STEEL-IT 1002’s signature benefit. Early stages of part damage appear as visible lines on the coating’s surface. Or Magnaflux without the need to remove the coating. Bring the welding arc—TIG or MIG—directly to the coating’s surface to repair the part. Finally, the aerosol offers quick touch up that blends right in, leaving no sign of repair.

MAHLE Motorsport introduced a new piston developed for MAZDA Motorsports’ spec MX-5. The new MX-5 piston is designed to meet the nationwide rules and spec parts list for the Mazda MX-5 2006-2015 chassis. MAHLE Motorsport worked closely with Mazda Motorsports to design the forged piston for the new Spec MX- 5 incorporating proprietary piston design, materials and coatings. The MX-5 forged piston developed from 4032 alloy features MAHLE’s proprietary GRAFAL anti-friction skirt coating to reduce friction drag, scuffing and cylinder bore wear, a phosphate dry film lubricant to protect pin bores from galling and ring grooves from micro-welding. The forged piston has a machined crown, designed with exacting tolerances for a motorsport specific application.

Total Seal Ring Compressors are available in almost any bore size and available in two-degree or five-degree tapers. The two-degree taper aids with installation of rings with very shallow depth, like the company’s 0.7mm Diamond Finish rings or any other similar shallow depth rings. They’re machined from heat-treated aluminum and hard anodized for a long life of use. Total Seal also has adjustable ring compressors available.

• Protects engine from wear and tear during high-temperature and high-RPM driving.

• Fortified with Micron Moly and Penetro to reduce friction and wear.

• Enhanced with extra zinc to further protect flat tappet cam engines and other components from wear, scuffing and abrasion.

• Advanced detergency performance to suppress high temperature deposits from forming.

• Maintains oil thickness and pumpability during high temperatures.