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Road-Keeper HD is latest driver improvement innovation from the team at Trivinci Race-Keeper. This new Video GPS logger has been developed using Race-Keepers vast experience in the video and data logging arena and brings a high-quality HD video logger within easy reach of everyone racing at the track or driving on the road.

Road-Keeper is a dual 1080p camera system with integrated GPS data for lap and split timing, and track mapping. This is the simplest Driver education system available today; it helps drivers improve their driving performance everywhere. The video and data from the easy-to-use Road-Keeper is then analyzed in the industry-leading Race-Keeper Comparo software.

Alcon Components Ltd, a designer and manufacturer of ultra-high-performance brake and clutch systems, unveiled its AAC03 brake-by-wire technology.

The AAC03 is not simply a refinement of the AAC01; it is in fact a bold new product design developed in close collaboration with top-level motorsport suppliers and contractors selected for their expertise and innovation in high-performance electronic control and hydraulic actuation systems.

The AAC03 BBW system is a standalone, off-the-shelf solution built to satisfy the exacting demands of a Formula E race car in all conditions. Consisting of an integrated hydraulic power pack, servo valve-actuated active circuit and fail-safe manual backup circuit, the AAC03 is safe, robust, reliable and efficient. Using cutting edge manufacturing technology along with the integrated ECU and fully enclosed wiring, Alcon has strived to simplify, integrate and shave every gram from the system. Indeed, the AAC03 boasts significant weight reductions and increases in performance and usability over its predecessors.

Reliability and consistency of performance across the full range of use is assured by Alcon’s comprehensive development and testing processes. Individual components are continuously refined through hundreds of hours of testing over a range of environmental conditions that include extremes of temperature and vibration at maximum duty cycle.

Thermal Dynamics, an ESAB brand, launched its Cutmaster 40 manual plasma cutting system, successor of the Cutmaster 42. The power source weighs 22 lbs., has the flexibility to use 115V–230V primary power and delivers a rated output of 40 amps at 40 percent duty-cycle or better.

On 230V primary, it delivers a recommended cut and pierce capacity on 1/2-in. steel and can sever steel up to 1 in. On 115V primary, it delivers a recommended cut and pierce on 3/8-in. steel. To use 115V, simply connect the supplied 115V adapter to the hardwired 230V plug. The unit is designed for motorsports, mobile fabrication, light construction, HVAC, metal/building/roofing, mechanical contracting, maintenance/repair, farm/ranch, metal art and DIY applications.

The Cutmaster 40 features a rugged, weather-proof, three-handle case that better protects the unit, especially during transportation in a job box or back of a work truck. The handles make it easier to move the unit in tight quarters, as well as help organize the cables when moving it.

The Cutmaster 40 comes with the proven SL60 1Torch with 16-ft. torch lead, which is up to 4 ft. longer than competitive torches. Further, because it uses Thermal Dynamic’s ATC torch connection (standard on all Cutmaster units), users can connect an additional 25-ft. length of torch lead or the SL60QD 1Torchâ, which offers a quick disconnect feature enabling selective replacement of either the torch handle assembly or torch leads at a lower cost than replacing both together (a necessity with one-piece torch/lead assemblies). The work cable uses a standard 50mm Dinse connection, while the robust work clamp creates a strong electrical connection.

The SL60 1Torch comes with the Cutmaster Black Series electrodes, which extend operating life by up to 60 percent. As a result, they lower cutting cost and downtime, as well as maintain cut performance over a longer time period.

ESAB backs the Cutmaster 40 with an industry-leading four-year warranty on the power supply and a one-year warranty on the 1Torch.

Atomizer racing injectors are proudly made in the USA and fuel many wins and championships. Atomizer is the key to taking your racing program to the next level, through direct racer input, and utilizing the continuous improvement approach. Atomizer manufactures the high-quality purpose-built racing injectors, and is also the only rebuildable injector on the market—for racers, by racers! The product line ranges from the Atomizer 3 series 80PPH to the astounding Atomizer 4 series which goes to 1500PPH per injector. Custom sizes are available as well as accessories and injector refresh services.