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Featured Products

CP-Carrillo introduced CPC1350 & CPC1850 High End Steel Alloys for Drag Racing. CP-Carrillo’s CPC1350 and CPC1850 Alloys are 22% and 44% stronger respectively than its traditional Carrilloloy, enabling the company to optimize rod design and capitalize on stability, while reducing the weight. CP-Carrillo extensively and successfully tested product in the most demanding racing environments. These materials are only available for custom designs, and are supplied with the Multiphase CARR fasteners.

Moroso introduces Part No. 22342, a Two Stage Tri-Lobe External Oil Pump with a Fuel Pump Drive and a Driver’s/Left Side Door Car Style Bracket. This pump gives users the option of scavenging oil from the oil pan with one stage and using the second stage to scavenge oil from turbos, superchargers or areas that require oil to be scavenged. Pump has a 1.800 spur gear pressure section based off Moroso’s billet wet sump pump design. Pump weighs almost half of gerotor pumps and takes up to 40% less power to drive. The pump has an external bypass for ease of adjustment and is included with three different pressure range springs. External pumps eliminate the camshaft loads that occur with an internal pump and run cooler than internal pumps. Rear 3/8" hex fuel pump drive with 1:1 ratio that accepts the popular 1.450 ID, 3 bolt, fuel pump swivel clamps.

FiTech has partnered with TANKS Inc. to make your EFI upgrade easier with a comprehensive offering of new fuel tanks supplied with FiTech’s In-Tank Pump Module. Fuel Injection demands higher pressure from an electric fuel pump and an ideal place to mount a pump is in the gas tank. The new In-Tank Module is supplied with a 340 LPH pump to support up to 800 horsepower (NA). This assembly bolts directly into the tank’s recessed mount providing a modern EFI solution for hot rods, classic trucks and muscle cars. Each kit is supplied with a new baffled and pressure tested fuel tank, application specific sending unit, the FiTech In-Tank Pump Module, new 340 LPH pump and mounting straps.

Champion Oil offers a robust formulated chemical wetting agent that improves the heat transfer of racing and performance cooling systems. Champion COLD BLUE Racing Coolant Additive allows racing and performance engines to run at up to 25° F cooler and prevent unwanted overheating. COLD BLUE contains a premium corrosion inhibitor package formulated to protect engine seals and all metals found in common cooling systems including aluminum. This product is compatible with all types and colors of coolant/antifreeze, contains no glycol and is safe for track use. The COLD BLUE treat rate is one ounce per quart, or 1 bottle per automotive cooling system of 12-20 quarts. Re-treat yearly or whenever coolant is changed for best results. Benefits include: reduces overall engine temperature, maximum corrosion protection, prevents overheating, and compatible with gasoline and diesel.