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By John Kilroy on June 17, 2011

Just wanted to share with everybody a shopping experience that provided a quick, classic example of what to do with a first-time customer.

I was walking through the little shopping district of my hometown when a vintage midget appeared in a store window. That got my attention. I was stopped dead in my tracks. And when my eyes moved past the classic race car, I found I was looking into a display window for a new men's clothing store.

Furthermore, there was a mannequin wearing a cool, long-sleeved T-shirt with a poster for an old Ascot midget race printed on it. OK, I'm a first-time buyer in this new store. Here are the three questions the owner asked that I wanted to pass on here:

"Is this your...

By on May 15, 2014

Editor John Kilroy has 'pushed the button' to start a new era in our PRI method of disseminating information to the worldwide racing industry. We have been working on this project here for the last six months spearheaded by John Kilroy and his colleague Rob Hiner (Creative Director and Web Manager Guru) to design a special new PRI Web Portal Landing Page. This page will allow us to “expand our reach” and get racing industry news to the heart of the market the moment the news breaks.

John, Rob and a highly acclaimed web management firm by the name of Trinet have worked diligently these past few months to come up with an extraordinary Web Portal Page design that has many special features and unique methods of disseminating...

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By John Kilroy on June 16, 2011

We’re always on the lookout for creative new ways to promote racing products to racers, and we wanted to pass along the concept of YouTube commercials that we’ve seen as produced by Roush Yates Performance Parts.

They call it Wide Open Wednesday. The concept is simple. Just 30 to 60 seconds of uncomplicated video with a dash of editing. Show the parts and tell the audience the price this week.

There’s something about this kind of video that has a personal touch, compared to, say, an eNewsletter. And the idea of producing one every week at the same time is a clever way to work the promotion into the minds of customers so they return each week out of curiosity, in addition to the motivation to buy parts...

By John Kilroy on June 4, 2012

We had a lot of fun catching up with everybody at the reception at Red Rocks Cafe, in Huntersville, North Carolina last month. We got some great photos of the event from Sam Sharpe, and thought we'd put a gallery here for you to see.

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