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By John Kilroy on July 1, 2011

With news all over the website now about the Red Bull Kart Fight at PRI, Sponsored by Rotax event coming to this year’s PRI Trade Show, I’m happy to report that PRI is back in the business of promoting a race. And that’s triggered a couple thoughts about promoting races.

First, no one knows what it’s like to be a promoter until you’ve done it. We learned that with our Twin 25 USAC midget races that we promoted. We think it’s great fun to promote a race, but we’ve only done, at most, three races in a year. It’s a tricky business as you work your way through the challenges of getting enough people in the grandstands, enough cars on the track and enough revenue in to have the whole...

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By John Kilroy on June 30, 2011

We found some excellent business tips in a press release we received from Ed Hess, a business professor at the University of Virginia, who has a new book available now from Stanford University Press. It's called, "Growing An Entrepreneurial Business: Concepts & Cases." It's priced at $75.

Here are his top nine growth challenges facing today’s entrepreneurs:

Getting overwhelmed by growth. Growth is change. Growth requires more processes, controls, and people. Too much growth too quickly can create financial, quality,...

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By John Kilroy on June 23, 2011

When the economy stalled out and took a dive in 2008, our first thought was that we’d rather be in this mess with racers, because racers are built for challenges. Resourcefulness is one of the things racers love about this sport. Impossible doesn’t really exist. Forget whining altogether.

In putting together the daily news for the new ‘front page’ of the PRI website, we’ve gotten in tune with the racing industry in a hyper sort of way. We’re publishing a number of news items every day, but we’re also reading through tons of news released about racing on a daily basis.

The impression we got immediately upon switching to this new gear of daily news is that racing is indeed...

By Reed Morales on July 14, 2011

I was fortunate enough to be invited by Dean Case of Mazdaspeed to the Formula SAE West Competition this weekend to participate on a panel of racing industry professionals as a presentation judge.  I jumped at the opportunity to participate, as I was eager to find out what innovation was on the horizon for racing from this next generation of motorsports engineers.  The experience was inspiring as I was surrounded by the future of racing and a healthy new crop of young engineers that have vision, passion, creativity  and optimism.   I was ready for the day…what could be more exciting than the spirit of innovation, school pride and the thrill of competition?

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