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By John Kilroy on August 3, 2011

Wherever Adrian Newey goes in Formula One, the cars get faster, the teams climb up the standings and championships happen. If there is one person at the top of the pyramid when it comes to the aerodynamics of a race car, a lot of people see Adrian Newey standing there.

As technical director of Red Bull Racing, he designed their 2010 championship-winning car, the RB6, and is enjoying his 2011 RB7 design dominating the field once again.

We mention Mr. Newey as a way to describe the multi-pronged efforts PRI makes to develop the PRI Trade Show as a truly international event. In the photo below, you can see PRI’s Arianna Maugeri standing with Adrian Newey (right) and Chris Aylett, CEO of the British racing trade...

By John Kilroy on August 2, 2011

Each year in promoting the PRI Trade Show, we use several avenues to put a special invitation out there to professional race teams to attend the Show. In these times when everyone's budget is being stretched as far as possible, the racing aftermarket offers a terrific answer in the search by professional race teams for both innovations and savings.

An annual visit to the PRI Trade Show is especially valuable to professional race teams that do not necessarily have the biggest budget in the series.

We say, come to the PRI Trade Show and....

Explore 700,000 square feet of competitive advantages.

Discover advanced engineering from the racing aftermarket.

Get the best advice to eliminate...

By John Kilroy on July 29, 2011

Just wanted to share an interesting comment from Scott Baker, of Baker Performance Parts, in Stow, Ohio. We’re doing a profile on Scott’s racing business in a future issue of PRI, and Scott told us of his experience selling racing components on eBay.

Scott said he did very well on eBay for three years, but increases in fees eventually made it hard to cut a decent profit.

And the value of a bricks-and-mortar local racing store remains as valuable as ever to the end-users. “People still want to come in and handle a part before they buy it or can come back and return it if it’s not what they wanted,” said Scott.

Immediate availability of inventory, however, still remains important in...

By John Kilroy on July 27, 2011

We had the great pleasure of getting to know Dave Darland in the years he drove for the Nine Racing USAC Midget team. Dave is one of those racers who puts the ‘hero’ in Saturday Night heroes. He’s a man of few words. He doesn’t boast. He just goes out and gets it done. A great athlete, who’s still cranking out wins.

He’s won all the top USAC Awards: Silver Crown Champion (1997), National Sprint Car Series Champion (1999)) and National Midget Series Champion (2001 and 2002)

It’s fun to go over  the weekend’s race reports and see Dave took another checkered flag. He won Saturday night’s race at Lincoln Park Speeway, Putnamville, Indiana, in a dramatic final lap...

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