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By John Kilroy on August 24, 2011

For those of you who couldn't make it, enjoy this photo gallery of The Salute To Builders/Manufacturers Lunch, organized by PRI and the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame, at the Knoxville Nationals. You'll see some familiar faces. It was a great success, and plans are underway to do it again next year!

By John Kilroy on August 17, 2011

Members of PRI's international marketing team Francisque Savinien and Juliana Schmode scheduled a visit to a Formula Truck race in Brazil recently, where they also were able to give a presentation on the value of the PRI Trade Show at the drivers meeting.

Take a look at these photos they sent back. These trucks have my attention. I'd like to see these big guys race.

Formula Track action

Formula Truck pits


By John Kilroy on August 15, 2011

Thanks to Dean Case and the entire MazdaSpeed team, we viewed the Ayrton Senna documentary last night at the annual MazdaSpeed press gathering. Dean got some serious media there, including representatives of Road & Track magazine, Haymarket (Racer magazine), the Speed Freaks, and many of the area’s most noted free-lancers. The PRI team alone counted around 15 attendees.

“Senna” gets two thumbs up. We don’t ever remember viewing anything in film that resembled racing as we knew it until watching this documentary. It had a way of capturing speed that unnerved the viewer, and brought us close to that knife edge between fast and catastrophe.

Great drivers wring the maximum potential out of a...

By Meredith Kaplan Burns on August 18, 2011

We had a great conversation with John Godfrey this week, and part of the discussion involved his expanding sales of custom radiators for racing applications. We thought we'd share that information here with you.

Spike Products, Brownsburg, Indiana, manufactures custom radiators for a variety of racing applications. In addition to the company’s radiators for open wheel racing, such as sprint cars, midgets and Silver Crown cars, Spike also offers radiators for drag racing, road racing, and even go-karts, boats and motorcycles, said John.

John emphasized that all of Spike Products’ employees are involved in motorsports in some way so they understand the cooling system needs of the racing industry. “...

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