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By John Kilroy on September 2, 2011

The Management Seminars at the PRI Trade Show are an important tradition, and an incredibly valuable opportunity owners of racing businesses. (1) There’s no charge. (2) They only require an hour of your time. (3) They are extremely well focused for owners and managers of racing businesses. (4) They are taught by professionals active in the racing industry.

So, we highly advise racing entrepreneurs to review the list of six seminars we’ve put together for Friday and Saturday mornings. Put them on your agenda. Even if the topic may be a bit intimidating, you have the chance to sit there and soak in everything you can for an hour. You’ll exit the seminar with nuggets of information you’re sure to employ to...

By John Kilroy on August 25, 2011

We had a great conversation with Carl Wegner, Wegner Motorsports, the noted race engine builder based in Markesan, Wisconsin. We're happy to say that all race engine builders will be able to hear the conversation, and a lot more at the PRI Trade Show this year. We invited Carl to present a seminar on what it takes to be successful in this tough new economy (although we're not sure three years is new any more), and he agreed. Carl said he may bring along some friends so questions where someone else is more expert can be handed off to them to answer.

We talked over several topics, but the theme was the same: You can't just continue to do business the way you did back in...

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By John Kilroy on August 24, 2011

When we experiment with new information technology at PRI, we always wish to share it immediately with our audience in case you can use it also. We have just entered the phase of using QR codes, and one of its most amazing uses for us is that we can insert a QR code onto a printed page--either a brochure or a magazine--and a person with a QR code smartphone app can snap a picture of the code and it will signal their smartphone to bring up a PRI video specificied in the code.

QR codes were invented in 1994, but they're still new enough that many of you may not be aware of them. They are essentially a bar code without bars. Whenever you see a strange, little square of uneven blobs of black, that's a QR code.


By John Kilroy on August 22, 2011

As we rolled throught the racing news available on the Internet this morning, we found three terrific photographic slide shows of some of the outstanding race cars on display (and on the track) at the recent Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion.


This is one is courtesy of Racer magazine:


Here are old F1 cars on the track courtesy of SpeedTV


And here's a reunion of...

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