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By Christine Corelli on July 2, 2015

All's fair in love and business, right?
That's why you should check on your three biggest competitors on the Internet at least once a week.
Who are their customers? What marketing campaigns are they using? Is their website more compelling than yours? Who's coming in? Who is leaving? How many branches do they have? How about warehouses? What projects did they get that you did not?

Have a friend or employee go to their place of business, or go incognito yourself. How does it look? What are they offering that you are not? What amenities do they have? 

Create a "Google Alert" with their names as keywords so you can stay informed. Follow their Twitter feed....

By Darin Short on July 2, 2015

Sometimes the old ways are the best ways.
Then again, sometimes they’re not.
In just about any business, the ability to keep up with changing times is a critical aspect of long-term sustainability, profitability, and overall prosperity.
Relative to the short track racing industry, change (including both challenges and opportunities) is everywhere in the 21st century: rising gas prices/travel costs; increased use of online social networking; increased track overhead costs; increased competitor costs; and more televised racing events on traditional dirt race nights (Friday–Saturday).
The result is that general attendance at many short tracks is struggling...

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By John Kilroy on July 2, 2015

The Hall of Fame Museum on the grounds of Indianapolis Motor Speedway has long been one of our favorite places on Earth. Every few steps, there's a momentous advance in racing technology as you view race cars from across the decades that were raced at the Indy 500. And there's plenty more on display at the museum, including historic race engines, photos, and more. Plus, there's the legendary Borg Warner trophy.

Well, we're excited to tell you that the Hall of Fame Museum will be installing a special exhibit in the 2015 Performance Racing Industry Trade Show! The exhibit is unique to the PRI Trade Show, and is called, "Evolution Of The...

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By Dan Schechner on June 10, 2015

* Vertical Angles: Vertical integration is smart. It’s not foolproof, but when it works it’s a thing of beauty. Simply put, vertical integration is the practice of one company owning all (or most) aspects of its supply chain. So a company that manufactures race cars also owns the companies that produce the parts and the companies that sell the finished product. Same ownership up and down the chain.

One of the early pioneers of this strategy was 19th century steel magnate Andrew Carnegie (worked out pretty well for him). And today it’s practiced to some degree by a number of highly successful firms including Apple, Netflix, and Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba. It’s also the foundation upon which...

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