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Wow! What A Show!
By John Kilroy on December 22, 2014

Wow! What a Show!

And that’s good news for the racing industry, because the health of the PRI Trade Show can be read as a reflection of the state of motorsports. Well, if that’s true, the racing industry is excited, enthusiastic, busy, innovative and doing business at a strong pace. That’s what we saw at the PRI Trade Show. By 2 p.m. of the first day of the Show, there was strong buyer traffic from one corner of the Exhibit Halls to the other, and all booth personnel were engaged in sales presentations. By Friday afternoon, all of the exhibit aisles were packed with so many attendees that I couldn’t recall a busier day at any previous PRI Trade Show. I simply don’t remember ever seeing that many motorsports professionals in the Show at one time before.

Last year, in making its big return to Indianapolis, the PRI Trade Show printed more credentials than ever before in its history. For the 2014 PRI Trade Show, that record was broken. Most importantly, exhibitors told us they were the ‘right’ people. These were serious buyers. Several exhibitors told us they wrote up more business than ever before at a PRI Trade Show. And we received many generous comments that the 2014 PRI Trade Show was the best ever.

While the PRI Trade Show has had bigger events in terms of total number of booths, our goal is to provide the best Show for the racing industry. There’s an indefinable quality that goes beyond business. There’s a soul to this business, and a real sense of passion, and when it all comes together just right, you can feel it in the exhibits, the exhibit aisles and the social gatherings at the Show. A trade show is a lot of hard work for everybody, really, but we had a lot of fun, too, in Indianapolis. At night, after Show hours, the fun elevated to the next level as racers took over downtown and caught up with each other in the city’s restaurants and bars. Believe me, a lot of business also was conducted after hours, out on the town in this fine city.

We would like to thank the 1,175 exhibiting companies. It is the genius in the products and services they bring to the PRI Trade Show that serves as the giant magnet for the event, attracting motorsports professionals from throughout the US and 70 countries. In their displays, the exhibitors created a Show floor that was fairly dazzling in how the new technology was presented. Attendees clearly enjoyed the opportunity to review all that’s new in racing components in plenty of time before the start of the 2015 racing season.

We’re looking forward to all the terrific energy we experienced at the PRI Trade Show transforming into an outstanding 2015 for the racing industry!

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