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'Winning the eRace' Speaker Focus: Kris Fulton, Trinet Internet Solutions
By John Kilroy on October 26, 2012

The Winning the eRace Digital Marketing Conference For Racing Businesses that will be held on Wednesday during Race Industry Week 2012 is an enormous opportunity for racing entrepreneurs.

At no charge, you can spend a day listening to speakers from such premier companies in the digital world as Google, Constant Contact and eBay Motors. Plus, racing industry folks from such companies as Pro Line Racing Engines and Red Line Synthetic Oil will tell you all about their success stories and strategies in the online realm.

We can personally recommend spending time listening to Kris Fulton, of Trinet Internet Solutions, who will discuss best practices for advertising on the Internet. Trinet, with offices in Irvine, California, and Alexandria, Virginia, is PRI’s provider of a host of Internet services. In fact, Kris personally came to the PRI offices at our request to instruct us on best practices for Internet advertising.

We embarked on a big adventure with Trinet as our partners last year, as we worked to add a daily news page to the PRI website. PRI’s goal was to provide the racing industry with a daily news portal that would be oriented to the business side of motorsports, versus news of who won last weekend’s races.

PRI had the content. We just needed a smooth and easy way to upload the information, and a graphical presentation that was both exciting and orderly. In addition, we wanted to be able to offer advertising space on a web page that would be generating thousands of page views per day among our niche audience.

PRI had its own style of design, but it’s a long journey to getting a functional web page that can handle all the demands we asked of it.

We established a real working relationship with Trinet for this project. The Trinet team listened to us, and got to work figuring out how to implement our vision. And there’s always the real world parameter of budget, too.

Today, we can report the PRI news page has been a big success. We have a Content Management System (CMS) that makes it quick and convenient to upload content at will. The ‘front page’ of the PRI website continues to grow every month in page views.

Most importantly, we’re proud of the look of the page, and the presentation of the news and the advertisements. It’s a terrific representation of what people in the racing industry have come to expect of PRI from their experience with the magazine and all of our promotional material.

When Kris came to our offices to educate us on best practices for advertising on the Internet, she had the entire sales team and myself taking notes.

We’re excited to be able to present the insights of someone like Kris at the Winning the eRace conference. We’ve enjoyed a rewarding working partnership with Kris and the Trinet team, and can vouch that it will be well worth your time. She’ll definitely take your digital advertising program up a couple of notches, and help that part of the marketing budget perform better for your racing company.

There is no charge to attend the Winning the eRace Digital Marketing Conference for Racing Businesses. It will be held Wednesday, November 28, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., in meeting rooms S 230 E, F & G of the Orange County Convention Center.

We just ask that you reserve your seat by emailing gabrielao@performanceracing.com.

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