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Why Spec: The Impact On Today’s Racing Brake Systems
By Louise Ann Noeth on August 26, 2015

Dirt racing and sportsman-level drag racing are relatively free from spec restrictions, whereas road racing, by comparison, can have a crushing burden of rules.
In some sanctions, in fact, brake “specs” not only dictate what specific part may be used, but also might limit where they can be purchased.
Every winning spec bid to a venue should be done to benefit the series participants, as opposed to decisions made on price alone, the prevailing opinion holds. The critical point is that if the spec is wrong it can put all racers at risk, because brakes are safety specific. Racers are urged to speak up if they see a problem with the spec.
Nonetheless, several brake suppliers believe spec systems in the future will increase, because it is proven that rules restrictions have kept a lid on R&D costs for race teams. And with a huge portfolio to choose from, Luca Brusamolino of Brembo in Plymouth, Michigan, suggested spec racers change pads to alter performance enhancements.
“Just by changing the pads you can change the temperature the rotors attain,” he said. “Pads are like shoes—try on a few to see how they fit your needs, your driving style. Pads also initiate lots of discussion within the teams. Some teams need to guide the driver to a specific pad because of other concerns in the car setup.”
Staying current with rules and specifications when a new series or racing category is introduced requires a great deal of study and attention. Nor should it be viewed as an area in which to cut corners, so to speak, as Ian Berwick of Pagid Racing in Cape Coral, Florida, bluntly summed up brake costs: “Being frugal with the brakes is a fool’s errand.”
Louise Ann Noeth is the founder and principal of LandSpeed Productions. Her award-winning writing and photography have been published around the world in several languages, and in publications including The New York Times, Sports Illustrated and Performance Racing Industry Magazine. Among her myriad accomplishments, Noeth authored the critically acclaimed, award-winning “Bonneville Salt Flats: The Fastest Place On Earth,” currently in its seventh printing. 

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Louise Ann Noeth of LandSpeed Productions is an award-winning author and photojournalist whose work has appeared in The New York Times, Sports Illustrated and Performance Racing Industry Magazine, among many others.
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