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Who's All In?
By Dan Schechner on October 10, 2018

Everyone who works for a living belongs to some type of industry: Chefs are members of the restaurant/food service industry; farmers are members of the agricultural industry (sorry, it’s lunchtime); realtors are members of the housing industry; DIRECTV customer service representatives are members of the inconvenience industry; and so forth.

But unlike many others, a good 99.9% of racing industry members are here because we want to be. How do I know this, because it follows the same philosophy as snow skiing: Anyone who’s ever done it understands that when you’re sailing down a mountainside, you can’t go half-speed. The minute you let fear, or doubt, or hesitation creep in, you’re finished—a disaster waiting to happen. It’s the same idea in racing, where you’d better be all in all the time, or else…     

One of the best parts about working at PRI is getting to meet people who combine that unbridled passion for motorsports with the experience, knowledge and insight that allows them to do their jobs better than most. It may be a manufacturer whose intake designs are revolutionizing the category; or a suspension specialist who’s figured out the optimal setup for big block modifieds; or a master engine builder whose power plants are killing it in the eighth-mile.

There’s no shortage of expertise in this industry, and as the voice of the racing marketplace it’s our job to identify the experts and bring them to you, the reader. Or, in the case of our annual Trade Show (December 6–8 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis), the attendee. We’re facilitators of content—and our sources are among the best in the business.

Yes, the PRI Show is our once-a-year occasion to bring thousands of the latest parts, equipment and services together under one roof, to facilitate business, and to deliver cutting-edge subject matter live and in-person.

And this year, in addition to featuring aisles of the latest hardcore racing products, the Show offers more opportunities than ever to learn from and rub elbows with leaders in their respective fields. Take the inaugural All-Star Engine Builder Panel, which features the legendary Keith Dorton, Jon Kaase, Ed Pink and Sonny Leonard to help kick off the 2018 Advanced Engineering Technology Conference (AETC). It’s just one of many top-level pre-Show conferences, seminars and networking events slated for this year’s Race Industry Week.

Then, morning person or not, you certainly won’t want to miss our PRI-sponsored sessions from 8–9 a.m. on December 7–8, where you’ll gather invaluable intel on a host of topics for small- and mid-sized businesses: Alex Striler of Team Lucas leads an all-star panel of marketing directors and decision-makers on the keys to effective sponsorships; Google-supported trainer Erin Bemis explains how customers find your racing business online and how to enhance your web presence; Bill Bader Jr., Steve Beitler, Tommy Franklin and Bob Sargent discuss challenges and solutions for owners and operators of independent racing venues; and Lyn St. James facilitates a can’t-miss Q&A on opportunities for women in motorsports with Shea Holbrook, Katie Hargitt, Cara Adams and Dr. Karen Salvaggio.

And there’s more—lots more, in fact—which you can read about in our PRI Trade Show Preview article beginning on page 26. There, you’ll discover all that’s new for PRI 2018 including exhibitors, presenters, display areas, international offerings, and the full lineup of our acclaimed education program. And, if you still have questions, need assistance, or just haven’t registered to attend yet, don’t hesitate to call our offices at 949/499-5413, or visit us online at pri2018.com. We’re all in for PRI 2018! Are you?

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