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What's Your Plan?
By Dan Schechner on May 1, 2019

What are you doing on social media?

Before you answer, let’s be clear that we’re not talking about posting images of your dog, or what you had for dinner last night—or God forbid what your dog had for dinner…. That’s just wrong.

What we’re interested in here is social media for your business. And yes, it’s high time we had that conversation. Why? Because as much fun as it is to share pictures and videos of your family, friends and pets, the fact is that in 2019 businesses simply cannot afford to ignore—or undervalue—the reach and influence of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others. Consider:

* Approximately 85% of all small businesses (more than 80 million) worldwide have Facebook pages (source: business2community.com & Facebook)

* Almost 80% of all Facebook users have found something to buy through the platform (source: business2community.com)

* Instagram is now the second most popular social network for small businesses, with more than 70% of all US businesses on the site (source: hootsuite.com)

* 80% of all Instagram users follow at least one business or brand on the site (source: hootsuite.com)

* 75% of Instagram users take action, like visiting a website after looking at a brand’s post (source: hootsuite.com)

* YouTube is the second-most visited website on the planet; As for No. 1… Google it (source: lifewire.com)

* Since 2016, people have watched over 50,000 years worth of product review videos on YouTube (source: hootsuite.com)

* Three times as many people would prefer to watch a YouTube video than read an instruction manual (source: YouTube)

There’s no denying the impact of social media in today’s world—let alone on our own motorsports community. Want proof? In a recent survey of racing businesses conducted by PRI, more respondents said they promote their business through social media than through their own websites. If that doesn’t attest to the power of the platform…

So again, it begs the question: What are you doing on social media? Are you using it to effectively market your products and services? Are you using it to connect with clients, or bring in new ones? Are you using it to promote your achievements, or those of your customers? Are you using it to educate, or inform, or even entertain? How are you using social media to boost your business?

In this month’s PRI Magazine cover story “Social Media Mastery” we posed these questions and more to the folks in charge of their motorsports companies’ digital marketing efforts in order to learn more about the secrets to their success. What sort of content are they posting? How often do they post? Does time of day matter? Are they doing it organically or do they pay to reach a wider—or more targeted—audience?

These are important questions, and our sources were more than generous with their feedback and insights, with many offering an inside look at how they’re leveraging this powerful medium and realizing tangible results, i.e., converting followers and likes into shoppers and sales.

Indeed, as we were putting this story together it got me thinking about a great quote on the topic: “Social media is just a buzzword until you come up with a plan.”

So, what’s yours?

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