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A Thought On Internet Advertisements
By John Kilroy on May 30, 2011

For over two decades, PRI has felt that we were somewhat of an expert in advertising, since that’s a lot of what we do every day here in working with our customers to drive new business to their doors.

In the Internet world, however, PRI is learning digital advertising in many ways just the same as you are. We’re getting schooled. And we wanted to share this point of view about two goals in internet advertising, which we also do to promote attendance at the PRI Trade Show.

It seems there are two types of advertisements. One is more institutional. It’s to remind people where they live in the worldwide web that we’re part of their world. It’s to maintain a presence in the mental landscape of racing business people. We aren’t necessarily counting clicks to the PRI website.

Another type of online advertisement should ask for more interaction from browser viewers. It should ask for an action. It should be urgent. There should be a sense of time running out. The advertisement should work hard to trigger a click on it to a page on the advertiser’s website.

For the second kind of advertisement, counting click-throughs is important.

We see a lot of online advertising that demands no action from the viewer. Many advertisements are a company logo, and that’s it. But, if you want click-throughs, it would be wise to rethink the advertisement and display an urgent call for action. Display a brand new race product, for example, and a brief statement of its advantages.

We welcome comments. Like I said, we’re all learning here.

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