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Thank You!
By John Kilroy on July 11, 2014

I just received the results of the Readex Research Study on the readership of Performance Racing Industry magazine, and there’s a definite smile on my face as I write this blog entry. In this third-party study of how readers interact with the magazine, you have given PRI magazine high marks, indeed. The typical reader of PRI magazine spends an hour with each issue, refers back to each issue more than three times, then saves each issue for more than 10 months.

Most importantly, 93% described PRI as a credible source. This is a big deal to the PRI team, as we work to deliver in-depth and accurate business editorial features to the racing industry’s decision-makers. 81% of readers are owners, presidents or other executives within their racing companies, and 83% of readers told Readex that PRI magazine remains relevant to their work.

The typical racing business tends to have a much closer relationship with its customers than other businesses on Main Street, as racers rely on motorsports entrepreneurs not just for parts and services, but for their best advice on becoming more competitive. Racing businesses essentially partner with race teams. That’s the exact relationship PRI magazine works each month to have with our readers, and the Readex Research Study verifies that it’s happening, thanks to the strong editorial leadership of Editor Dan Schechner, Managing Editor Meredith Burns and Associate Editor Christen D’Alessanddro.

The total survey sample for the Readex Research Study was 7,460, representing 28% of PRI’s circulation. Of this sample, 1,081 readers responded from June 3 to June 10. The margin of error for percentages based on the first 1,000 responses is ±2.9 percentage points at the 95% confidence level. PRI would like to thank all those who took the time to complete the survey. Readex Research is a nationally known, 67-year-old independent research company that conducts over 700 such research studies each year for some of the largest media companies in the country.

The evolving digital world has added new levels of complexity and confusion to the media world, but some things clearly haven’t changed. PRI magazine continues to perform a singularly powerful service for its readers as an essential business tool in the racing industry. No other media vehicle comes close.

Thank you for the time you spend with PRI magazine each month. We love this racing industry. There’s a lot of fun in what we do, in addition to the hard work. It’s most gratifying to hear once more that we’re on target in providing you with the information and insights you need to navigate your racing business.

One more thing: PRI magazine remains the single strongest advertising vehicle in the racing industry. Over 80% of this key target readership has taken action in the past 12 months as a result of reading an advertisement in PRI magazine. The digital world has its place, and emailing customers has value, but nothing beats this magazine for new leads and growing market share. PRI magazine works as effectively today as it has for decades to help race parts manufacturers deliver their new product messages directly to the biggest buyers in racing.

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