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By John Kilroy on May 14, 2012

This will be the 25th year that the PRI Trade Show has been delivering business opportunities for racing entrepreneurs. And right now, from the Art and Editorial Departments on the first floor, through the Expo Department on the second floor, to the Sales offices on the third floor, the building housing PRI is buzzing with activities that will result in a 2012 PRI Trade Show guaranteed to offer you, the racing professional, more solutions to your motorsports challenges than you can find anywhere.

As we’ve heard over and over these past couple of years, “It’s not 2007 any more.” The world has changed. Distribution has changed. Media has changed. Racing has changed. Most racing entrepreneurs have successfully left the past behind, and are taking this new world on, as it is, right here, right now. There are new challenges. And, as with virtually every field, the industry trade show is the one place to go to get solutions from around the US, and the world.

The PRI sales team is working with the all the great brand names in racing so there’ll be more hardcore racing products on display than you can find anywhere. For retailers, this means re-energizing the retail showroom with the hot new trick parts discovered among the hundreds of thousands of square feet of displays in Orlando by over 1,000 racing companies. For race engine builders, it may mean a new horsepower part for a race engine, or new shop equipment to add another revenue stream. When the challenge is sales and profit for a racing business, the new hardcore racing products and shop machinery on display at the PRI Trade Show can offer immediate solutions.

For professional race teams, the PRI Trade Show offers the chance to put the racing aftermarket on your side. Especially for the teams that don’t have the biggest budgets in a series, the PRI Trade Show offers a level playing field in the chance to explore the parts that will be winning races in 2013…solutions to your technical challenges.

The Editorial, Art and Expo teams are creating an advertising campaign that will take the PRI Trade Show message far beyond the readership of PRI magazine to get an additional 300,000+ impressions, hitting several target markets—open wheel, dirt late model, drag racing, tuner, sports car, off-road, vintage and more. Together, with digital marketing, public relations, advertising and the strength in the readership of PRI magazine, there will be more racing professionals gathered together in one place than you can find anywhere.

The PRI Trade Show offers an incredible opportunity to bring your challenges to other people in your industry—to strategize with another race engine builder in another part of the country or ask for help from a technical rep in a company’s exhibit. The volume of racing professionals in Orlando all bring solutions to your challenges.

Finally, what’s become known as Race Industry Week 2012 offers more technical and business seminars, conferences and other events than you can find anywhere. It’s not uncommon to sit in one seminar at the PRI Trade Show and walk out with five or more ‘nuggets of insight’ regarding new strategies you can implement immediately to increase sales, lower overhead or solve a technical challenge.

More race-winning parts, more racing professionals, more technical/business seminars…more solutions than you can find anywhere. That’s the unbeatable value of an industry’s trade show. You can’t find it anywhere else. And that’s what we’re working on right now at the PRI offices in every floor of the building. Stay tuned.

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