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A Show of Strength
By John Kilroy on December 3, 2011

It’s the third and final day of the PRI Trade Show, and this editor will likely leave the Orange County Convention Center at the end of the day just like so many racing industry buyers here with more left to do.

The three days goes by fast! No matter what’s on your agenda  each day, important conversation pop up in the middle of the exhibit aisles or in an exhibit. You learn a lot. Make decisions. Then get back to your own goals for the Show, appreciative of the value of these spontaneous meetings with racing professionals throughout the exhibit hall.

I wish to thank everyone for making the trip to Orlando for the three biggest business days in racing. It’s the world’s largest gathering of racers. A lot of business gets done, but there’s always been a genuine aspect of fun to the PRI Trade show as business relationships evolve into lifelong friendships. Plus, so many racing professionals end the racing season with, “I’ll see you at PRI.”

The exhibitors seem to repeat the value they find in the PRI Trade Show when they describe their goals for exhibiting: increase market share, get new business, expand international sales.

The buyers regularly describe the challenge of working the entire Show so as not to miss anything. This is the kind of Show where a solution to a technical challenge or a profitable new product to sell could be in a 10x10 booth of a new company in the next exhibit aisle. You don’t want to miss a thing here at the PRI Trade Show.

Most importantly, there’s a seriously renewed spirit to the racing industry. There’s a terrific confidence and energy in the business activity taking place throughout this exhibit hall. The 2011 PRI Trade Show is a real show of strength for the racing industry as a whole. We’ve met one of the biggest challenges in our lifetimes with the economic crash of 2008. We’ve met the challenge. We’re looking forward.

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