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The Selling Part Of The Equation
By John Kilroy on February 25, 2014

If you were to come to PRI one day and pry the lid off the top of the building and just peer in, you would identify a lot of the activity here as “selling.” This is a critical part of the equation here at PRI, and one of the key ways we work to keep in close touch with this ever-changing industry. For us, the sales process is a highly effective communication tool. The sharing of ideas, news, perspectives and, occasionally, industry gossip goes both ways. PRI ‘hears’ a lot through its sales team. A big part of selling is answering the question, “What do our customers want?” Believe me, they tell us, we listen and get to work on our products to make sure they align directly each year with the answer to this question.

At PRI, there’s 55 years of experience on the sales team in selling PRI. The PRI team of Judy, Reed, Francisque, Eric, Jeff and Andrea are to be found throughout the year at races, industry events, company visits and elsewhere communicating—in addition to all the phone calls and emails every day. There’s also a hardworking bunch of sales administrative assistants who deliver the logistics of the PRI selling effort—Kristen, Audrey, Janelle and Gabriela. When motorsports professional share generous comments of appreciation about the PRI Trade Show, or PRI magazine, the sales team here deserves a big part of the credit. They’re key in providing the extraordinary showcase of the newest racing products at the PRI Trade Show. They’re key in providing such a large editorial well in this magazine.

Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of racing businesses view what they do as technical. It’s about speed. It’s about parts. It’s about engineering. Yes, but it’s a very valuable exercise to view a business as a sales and marketing organization. It can tell you how well you’re communicating. Most importantly, it can tell you how well you’re listening.

SEMA Show’s Racing & Performance Section: In a move to provide one rep per company for all SEMA products and services, the PRI sales team will also be selling exhibit space in the Racing & Performance Section of the SEMA Show. It makes a ton of sense as SEMA brings its exhibit sales in-house this year. There are hundreds of companies that exhibit in both the PRI Trade Show and the Racing & Performance Section of the SEMA Show. Now, one sales rep can help with both shows. Easy. Efficient. And, you’ll be interested to know, the change comes as a way to improve communication, especially as it pertains to all that SEMA has to offer. “By bringing Show sales together with member services in-house at SEMA, our members will now experience a customer-service relationship that includes all that SEMA has to offer,” notes Chris Kersting, SEMA president.

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