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Results of the BLP Carb Shootout
By John Kilroy on January 19, 2012

Fifteen race carburetor businesses from around the country were represented in the inaugural Carb Shootout organized by BLP Racing Products, and held in its Orlando, Florida, facility just prior to the opening of the PRI Trade Show. By all the accounts we've heard, it was good fun with highly respeced race carburetor experts participating. We understand plans are already in the works to do it again in 2012.

There were two ‘shootouts’ utilizing the BLP Revolution inertia dyno by Excelleration. Chad Mullins, of Mullins Race Engines, provided the 430ci small block race engine, while Steve Schmidt, Steve Schmidt Racing, provided the 618ci big block race engine.

Mark Whitener won the small block competition, while AED Performance, Richmond, Virginia, was runner-up. AED Performance won the Out Of The Box award.

AED Performance then went on to win the big block competition, with Braswell coming in as the runner up. The winner of the Out Of The Box award was AED Performance.

The winner of the 2.130 max throttle bore class shootout was Advanced Product Designs, Genoa, Ohio.

Excellent photos of the event are available at

Each challenge was based on the quickest acceleration throughout the total rpm range measured on the Revolution Inertia engine dyno. To make sure of a level playing field, performance automotive author and seminar presenter David Vizard served the challenge steward. Representatives of Revolution Dyno were brought in to run the event.

Carb Shootout Flier 2011
Here's the artwork announcing the Carb Shootout at the BLP Corral.

Carb Shootout 2011
Here's a photo of the Carb Shootout. Click here for more photos.

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