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By Dan Schechner on February 13, 2018

Now that we’re a month and change into 2018, here’s a question: Who out there has stuck with their New Year’s Resolutions?

Better yet, who still remembers them?

Did you promise to eat healthier? Get more sleep? Maybe spend a little less time on social media? All admirable goals, to be sure. (And let me be the first to admit that I, too, have pledged to reduce my current number of visits to the local Chick-fil-A.)  

That said, a recent survey of stakeholders in the stock car market yielded, shall we say, slightly more ambitious intentions for the months ahead.

For example, at Jennerstown Speedway in Western Pennsylvania, promoter Mike Lysakowski and his team have exciting plans for 2018, among them a big-money Late Model shootout on August 11. The track’s first-ever “Motor Mountain Masters” is expected to draw teams from the Northeast, the South, the Midwest and Canada for the 150-lap feature. What’s more, the event is open to cars of varying specs—crate and unrestricted engines, perimeter and offset chassis, etc.—that will compete head-to-head.  

Meantime, officials at Huntsville Speedway in Alabama are working to stress a family-friendly atmosphere for the ’18 season. “I’m after the kids,” promoter Robbie Edger told us for our report on the Stock Car Market that begins on page 8 of PRI Magazine's February issue. “Things that I’m doing right now [include] going after the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts,” he added. We’re giving them free admission, even giving them a free hot dog and drink. We just want to get ’em down there.” The idea being if they enjoy the experience, they’re likely to return on their own dime, Edger explained.

Speaking of what’s new for 2018, the above-referenced feature represents a resolution of sorts for PRI. Indeed, one of our main goals here has always been to provide motorsports businesses with real insight into the customers and markets they serve. And this year we’re doubling (quadrupling?) down by presenting quarterly, in-depth reports on specific market segments. Following this month’s entry, PRI will explore Sprint Cars & Midgets in May, Vintage Road Racing in August, and the Youth Racing Market in October.

We hope you enjoy reviewing these articles, and in the process are able to find some actionable information that may be applied to your racing operation in the coming months. And, hey, even if it’s too late to make adjustments this season, worst comes to worst you can always start on an early list of resolutions for 2019!

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