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Regarding The Change in Trailer Exhibits at the PRI Trade Show
By John Kilroy on May 9, 2014

PRI announced two weeks ago that to make more booth space available for race parts manufacturers in the main Exhibit Halls, trailer companies will not have space available inside the Indiana Convention Center for the display of trailers.

To follow up, I thought I'd make a note on this blog on our thought process: We wanted to give more core exhibitors--racing and performance parts manufacturers--the opportunity for space inside the main Exhibit Halls, allowing many to move from spots in exhibit room and corridor locations last year. The goal is to retain these companies as exhibitors, and continue to provide the widest array possible of displays of hardcore racing products for attending buyers. We are also implementing new strategies to improve buyer traffic flow outside the main Exhibit Halls.

In terms of buyer traffic, the move to Indianapolis resulted in more credentials being printed up by PRI than in any other previous PRI Trade Show. It's the right location for the PRI Trade Show.

We welcome trailer companies to continue to exhibit in the PRI Trade Show, although without a full-scale product on display inside the main Exhibit Halls. Representatives of the trailer companies have been great customers and longtime supporters of the PRI Trade Show. We will continue to promote the exhibits of trailers at the PRI Trade Show, and encourage all race teams to time their hauler purchase decision with three days of shopping the Show. The goal is to strengthen the identity of the PRI Trade Show as the annual epicenter of new racing technology, and fill the exhibit aisles once again in 2014, connecting buyers to exhibitors, including trailer companies.

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