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Red Bull Kart Fight Video Link
By John Kilroy on December 13, 2011

We at PRI are very proud of what took place at the Red Bull Kart Fight at PRI Powered by Rotax. We wanted to present karting to members of the racing industry who may have never experienced a kart race packed with talented drivers, and we wanted to present exhibitors and attendees with a great evening's entertainment for Thursday night. We wanted to deliver a big dose of racing action, but we wanted to clock it in by 8:30 p.m., recognizing that everybody had a big work day on Friday at the PRI Trade Show.

We had a ton of help from all the sponsors, kart suppliers, teams, drivers, the WKA, the IKF,, the Convention Center, Masters Entertainment, and others. It was a pretty amazing night of racing.

Red Bull just completed its online video of the event, and we'd like to share it. Click here to watch it.

Fireworks? Check.
Great announcer? Check. (Rob Howden)
Packed grandstands? Check.
Nose-to-tail racing action? Check.
Lively opening ceremonies starting promptly at 6:15? Check.
All racing completed in 2 hours 15 minutes? Check.
Podium hoopla? Check.

Great fun!

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