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Race Ready
By John Kilroy on June 2, 2016

One of the most valuable concepts I've gained personally from the racing industry is the profound meaning of "race ready." Over 25 years ago, before I entered the racing industry through PRI, I would have provided a glib definition to "race ready." But, it's not just a statement about preparedness. That's too mild. It's about a coiled kind of energy. It's about a 24/7 experience. It's about winning in an event where there are 10, 20, 30 or more others capable of winning, and also race ready. It's more than dreaming...it's dreaming with a hard deadline to making it all real. It's savvy individuals who are certain there's not one more thing to do before the race starts. Everything that can be done has been done. Often, impossible things have been accomplished. There's no way to ask for more time. There are no excuses that are going to mean anything to anybody.

If you can incorporate the concept of "race ready" into your life, you will enjoy some wonderful moments that make for great memories, and in which you can take pride. You may still experience anxiety, but the determination to successfully manage time, people and assets can provide a steely confidence at the end of every day that your very best is being employed.

In putting on an event the size of the PRI Trade Show, the concept of "race ready" is our guiding light. The doors to the exhibit aisles open at 9 a.m., Thursday, December 8, 2016, and you can bet the PRI team won't be hanging signs, vacuuming the hallways, looking for the right key, or other last-minute activities at 8:59 a.m. that morning. Our commitment every year is to be race ready. When exhibitors arrive to work their booth or buyers arrive to shop the latest in hardcore racing products, we're proud to show off an Indiana Convention Center repurposed specifically for racing's premier business event. We started working on the 2016 PRI Trade Show literally on the airplanes bringing us home from last year's Show, as we wrote down our notes, and completed conversations on where we can improve.

So far, you should know we're off to a great start. We had a fairly spectacular response from exhibiting companies returning for the 2016 PRI Show. We've already signed up a terrific slate of seminar speakers. By the time you get the June issue, we'll be settling on the graphic presentation of this year's PRI Trade Show. The advertisements for the Show have all been designed, and we've completed our media buy schedule. And we're open right now for attendee registration and hotel reservations. We're on the throttle. Once again, we'll be using time strategically to be race ready this December when the doors open to PRI 2016.

To register online and receive your PRI Trade Show credentials in the mail, go to www.pri2016.com/attendeereg. You'll also find information and a link there to complete your hotel accommodations for the Show.

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