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Protecting Racers Through Education
By Tom Weisenbach on October 27, 2015

Those who know have a responsibility to share.
Racing is an inherently dangerous sport, and competitors don’t always prepare themselves properly, even though they are aware of the dangers. That is what the Motorsports Safety Education Foundation (MSEF) wants to change. So last year the MSEF created a Steering Committee that included representatives from several areas of the racing industry, including drivers, manufactures, sanctioning bodies, insurance carriers, certification personnel, medical experts and more. 
This group has been the driving force behind the safety content needed for MSEF’s animated, online platform that is being used to educate all racers. Have you seen our online curriculum? What do you think? What else would you like to see us add?
Meantime, at last year’s PRI Trade Show we had discussions with over 50 drivers from all forms of racing, including Robert Hight, Sammy Swindell, Joey Saldana, Steve Kinser and Scott Bloomquist, and they all agreed on two things: Crashes are going to happen, and there is really nothing to prevent them. 
However, we CAN help educate the racer on safety products and proper installation of safety equipment, and that will help minimize the expense of the crash. 
The MSEF needs to add more content before the 2016 race season for the sanctioning bodies that are now our partners. A crowdfunding mechanism has enabled us to raise $50,000 in just 50 days. And now the MSEF Board is engaging the Steering Committee to create new material for our online curriculum. 
Sanctioning bodies such as POWRi, IRA, Patriot Sprint Car Series, Great American Race Series and ARCA plan to implement the MSEF’s online educational platform for their 2016 season. Would you like to see your series utilize our platform?
Racers that complete the MSEF online safety course will also be rewarded! That’s right—rewarded, by learning about safety and collecting discounts from several motorsports suppliers and vendors including: CSI, MyRacePass, McKinney Corporation, AED Motorsport Products, EMI and Speedway Motors. And the MSEF is confident that more companies will seek to partner with us by the time the PRI Show arrives in Indy this December. 
The idea is simple: Learn a little, save a lot, and protect yourself or a loved one.
The Motorsports Safety Education Foundation educates motorsports competitors with the knowledge they need to participate for a lifetime. For more information about the MSEF and how you can get involved, check out our website at
Tom Weisenbach has over 20 years of motorsports experience, including positions with the NHRA (Lucas Oil Raceway), Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Verizon IndyCar Series, Keystone Marketing, the Indiana Motorsports Association and the International Motorsports Industry Show. He currently works for Speedway Motors/AFCO Racing, and volunteers as Executive Director of the Motorsports Safety Education Foundation. Weisenbach also serves on advisory boards for the IUPUI Motorsports Engineering program, University of Indianapolis Kineasiology program, and the Haas Training Education Center at Vincennes University.

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Tom Weisenbach of Speedway Motors/AFCO Racing is executive director of the Motorsports Safety Education Foundation. He has over 20 years of industry experience, including positions with NHRA, IndyCar and the Indiana Motorsports Association.
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