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PRI—The First 25 Years
By John Kilroy on October 15, 2012

Racer’s candy store. Racer heaven. Race engine builder’s paradise.

These are phrases we’ve heard to describe what has simply become known as PRI.

The 25th edition of this grand gathering of speed merchants will open its doors in Orlando on Thursday morning, November 29. For the 25th time, attending buyers will find a professional trade show atmosphere featuring outstanding displays of the latest advances in racing products, precision machining equipment and much more. An extraordinary array of exhibits, along with over 35 special events.

It all started with a need in the marketplace for racing entrepreneurs to explore the best this industry has to offer—all in one place, all at one time. They could visit the PRI Trade Show, and return home with news of advances in racing components that will help their customers win races the coming year. A visit to the PRI Trade Show delivered a sense that one was current, and that there was money to be made.

From data acquisition to coatings, new alloys and composites, suspension to engine parts…stock car, drag, open wheel, road racing, off-road…lighter, stronger, more aerodynamic…improve efficiency, lower overhead, increase quality control, assure repeatability, add a new revenue stream…a visit to the PRI Trade Show was not so much an expense as an investment.

The exhibitors deliver the ROI. It’s their genius in engineering and manufacturing that serve as the star attraction. They create solutions for racers. They expand the limits of fast.

PRI magazine is a big part of the story, too, delivering the news, the buying trends, the evolution in racing technology as it happens month by month. And the magazine previews and promotes the annual epicenter of new racing technology.

At PRI, we're proud of our history, working hard to provide this great industry with a well-organized, well-promoted event, doing everything we can to make it easy, affordable and fun.

And we're most grateful to be in this work with racing people every day.

The pursuit of speed has a long way to go. Tens of thousands of racing businesses will build its future. At PRI, we're committed to providing efficient, affordable first access to all the exciting new business opportunities to come.

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