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The Pie
By John Kilroy on February 10, 2012

In less robust economic times, companies tend to turn up the heat when it comes to battling for market share. The sense is that the most direct path to growth is to take business away from other companies. Get a bigger slice of the pie. And there’s a lot of truth to that. Every once in a while, though, it’s good to remember the enormous value of another path to growth, particularly for racing companies: make the pie bigger. For many years, racing industry sales expanded on the fact that the sport was thrilling, increasingly safer and ever easier for the less mechanically inclined to enjoy. Number of participants grew and grew. Small racing businesses popped up to provide local inventory, customer service and ‘value added’ insights as to how competitors could improve their finishing positions. Thousands of small racing businesses made it easy and convenient to go racing, and the pie continued to grow. Today, it’s important that more and more fans discover the sport, and that many of these newcomers find it inviting to participate as a competitor. We want new faces on the starting grid. This is especially true of the ‘next generation’ of racers Auto racing is the original ‘xtreme’ sport. We want more people to discover this by having more people enter the front gate of a race track for the first time. And we want more people to investigate the possibilities of going racing themselves. It’s great when race tracks create special entry-level classes and actively promote the concept of going racing to the fans in the grandstands. And we want more people to discover the thousands of small racing businesses that serve as one of their greatest allies in enjoying the sport, as they find parts easy to locate; services easy to contract and their finishes improving every step of the way. That will grow the pie, as it always has.

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