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One Industry, One Magazine, One Trade Show
By John Kilroy on December 14, 2012

PRI is starting the next 25 years of its history with a bold move that unifies two racing industry trade shows into one powerful event. As most of you know, SEMA purchased the International Motorsports Industry Show, and the PRI Trade Show will be moving to Indianapolis, with Thursday, Friday, Saturday Show dates, December 12-14, 2013. The IMIS Show will be consolidated into the PRI Trade Show.

Hundreds of our exhibitors will find their exhibit expenses for the year reduced by being in just one Show, instead of two, plus, we’ll deliver more buyers in the aisles. We’re returning to the old PRI formula of locating the Show in the middle of the country. Draw a circle around Indianapolis for 8 hours drive time, and you have attendees from 14 states within a day’s drive. Buyers will no longer feel they have to attend two shows to see everything. Two Shows with differing identities will meld into one Show where you can bet it’s got whatever you’re looking for as a buyer in the racing business.

SEMA, under the leadership of Scooter Brothers, chairman of the board of Directors, and Chris Kersting, president and CEO, saw an opportunity to work with Chris Paulsen, Jeff Stoops, Tony Stewart and their IMIS team to help the racing industry succeed by making it more affordable and more efficient to participate in the racing industry’s trade show. SEMA is an association focused on service to the industry...our industry. This was a situation where SEMA could do what it does best...serve as a rising tide that floats all boats. It’s about providing value and benefits to the racing segment. They walk the talk.

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