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Objective: New Racing Products
By John Kilroy on September 12, 2013

For 25 years, the PRI Trade Show has offered a host of memorable personal experiences, from terrific conversations with industry friends, fun events like the Grand Opening Breakfast, insightful business management seminars and more fun out on the town as racers took over the city.

However, if you boil it down to numbers, the main objective for attending buyers is pretty much one thing: new racing products. It’s the never-ending search for hot new parts engineered to push the envelope of speed, according to the first-ever survey of buyers and exhibitors at the PRI Trade Show, conducted last year under the direction of Gavin Knapp, senior market research manager for SEMA.

We very much appreciate Gavin’s work as the numbers verified the PRI Trade Show is working at a very powerful level for attending buyers. 88% of the 656 buyers surveyed said the company’s business objective for attending the PRI Trade Show is new racing products. A remarkable 93% said their objective was met.

With an even stronger array of racing companies exhibiting in the 2013 PRI Trade Show, we predict the ‘new racing products’ experience will reach a new level in satisfying attending buyers from throughout the US, as well as 72 countries.

Product display was named by 86% of those surveyed as the number one thing that attracts a buyer into an exhibitor’s booth.

Other PRI Trade Show key objectives reported by the surveyed buyers include the following:
    •Get ideas (75%)
    •Keep up to date on industry trends (73%)
    •Get technical information (70%)
    •See existing vendors (67%)
    •See specific products (67%)
    •Find new vendors (65%)
In pursuing such important objectives, attendees overwhelmingly reported they were satisfied with the Show, with 87% reporting a “good” or “excellent” experience (Not one person reported a “poor” experience). 89% said the PRI Trade Show is worth the time and cost to attend. Half have attended six shows or more.

We should also mention the survey results demonstrated the PRI Trade Show is a smart investment for exhibiting companies. 85% of buyers reported they are more likely to buy from a company that exhibits in the PRI Trade Show. 63% placed an order while at the Show. On average, PRI buyers purchased from 13 exhibitors in the months following the Show. They added an average of three new racing product lines.

At PRI, we like to remain in close contact with our exhibitors and attendees. They’re straight shooters, and we’ve improved the Show over the years according to what industry folks have told us directly, face to face. After all these years, it’s good news to have a survey back up the notion so completely that the formula works...the PRI Trade Show is THE PLACE to go each year for new racing products!

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