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The Nose Knows
By Jeff Butcher on March 27, 2012

Whizzing by me on the 2011 PRI Show floor, at the speed of a young Olympic sprinter, was racing industry icon Tony Tobias. Tony had someone to please and moved quickly to meet the need with a sense of urgency that his customers have come to rely upon – he truly enjoys pleasing all.  He literally ran at full sprint to accomplish his mission when most would chose to casually saunter across the million square feet that is PRI Orlando.  

Pushing around 80% of 100 years, Tobias continuously exudes energy at well over Einstein’s mandated universe speed limit of 186,000 miles per second, otherwise known as the speed of light. In racer terms, the speed of light is 700 million miles per hour. At that speed, bump drafting is highly discouraged. Tony’s mental horsepower is immeasurable as we have yet to construct a dynamometer that can record the synapse speeds racing through the brain of the one and only Tony Tobias. Tony is the Vince Lombardi of the racing community – a proven leader for sure.

Tony’s long tenure, at the insanely well made Racecar Engineering Magazine, provides a documented example of how one individual can maximize a business brand by leveraging their personal brand. Tobias proudly introduces himself to new faces with the self imposed moniker “Tony the Nose”.  He leaves an indelible mark and when he meets someone for just a few seconds, he is remembered. “The Nose” connects himself to his company. He combines his personal brand with the branding of Racecar Engineering. Elephants never forget, “The Nose” is never forgotten.

You can count on Tony to greet you with his glowing smile. The energy he exudes is contagious, it is powerful. Why walk when you can run? Tony is full speed – full time. Tobias is a noteworthy face in the racing niche and provides a human example that everyone can learn from. Racecar Engineering and Tony are one. Tony has created a personal brand that confidently announces his contributions without the need of a high pressure sales pitch. The result is a successful branding effort that subconsciously leaves a memorable and positive experience for his customers – his friends. With few words, Tony ingrains his synergized brand deep into the minds of those he touches. Racecar Engineering is a magazine – Tony Tobias is genuine and he crafts his brand into the framework of his book in a caring and seamless fashion. Think of Tony and you instinctively think of Racecar Engineering.

Tobias is always on the move and gives people what they want. His warm welcome makes all on his path feel better than before he arrived. His approach is to partner by cultivating relationships through integrity, energy, and devotion. Tobias has zero need to sell. His customers are his friends – they are his extended family. He proudly takes a God given physical attribute and utilizes “The Nose” to create a fun and memorable experience. Quality marketing, in its simplest form, is defined as leaving a memorable positive impression. Tony is having the time of his life and has created a coveted branding story by simply allowing others to witness Tony being himself. The deal is closed through identification of need. Solutions are offered verses needing to be sold. Sales people sell – Tony delivers.

Enthusiastically embracing new ideas has made Tobias relevant over the long haul – he has laid the ground work, in earnest, to always be relevant. A quick review of his Facebook photo albums displays a man having a blast every single second – the 10 year old boy inside is easily seen. Tony is an avid social media user and his approach to life gives us all an opportunity to learn from his dynamic and ever evolving adventures.

Tony has spent his lifetime creating an individual brand that is remembered. His lifestyle is his brand. By combining his profession with play, Tony proves that passion and fun invoke a high level of success in the workplace.

To create the unique marketing plan, that you can admire and cultivate, taking note of what Tony Tobias accomplishes will give you a proven template to emulate. Tony demonstrates that enjoying life results in overall success at home and in the office.  A complete well rounded life creates a universe full of memorable impressions. If you knew the Tony Tobias formula, then you would be sought after as the one that knows. Memorable marketing is what “The Nose” knows. Being yourself is the one tool that you always control, once you believe that you create your own memorable impressions, then you will be your own unique version of - the knows.

Tony Tobias
Tony Tobias, Racecar Engineering Magazine and Autosport Engineering Show.

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