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The Next Turn
By John Kilroy on June 28, 2016

Having just celebrated 26 wonderful years with Performance Racing Industry, I've made the decision to move on to the next chapter in my life, and depart from my position at PRI. I'd like to shift down a gear or two in the pace of life. The calendar pages have been flying off the wall as if in a windstorm in recent years, and I'd like to slow it down a bit. There are a couple of personal goals I'd still like to achieve, and I'm at that age where I'd better get to it! I've had a great run here at PRI, where we took this concept of a trade show and business magazine to previously unimaginable heights. Along the way, I had the great fortune to work in an industry that taught me a lot about how to live this life. Thank you all for chasing after it the way you did. You inspired me throughout my 26 years.

The stewardship of PRI will be in great hands. We have a veteran team, who all love this sport. Editor Dan Schechner will continue to do great things with this magazine, as he's done for the past four years. We have folks like Rob Hiner, our Creative Director, and Karin Davidson, our Trade Show Director, who both have a couple decades each in serving this industry with creativity, energy and vision. Laura Vukich also has a couple decades of experience here in the title of Production Manager, although she manages much more than that in operating PRI. And our topnotch Laguna Beach sales team will continue to be a critical link between the industry and PRI—Judy Kean, Francisque Savinien, Eric Jurado, Jeff Swoboda and Andrea Brake. They're the best. We've added salespeople from the Diamond Bar office to our team—Alan Josse (with many years at PRI on his resume), Brian Paik, Monica Terlouw, Warren Kosikov—who are fitting right in. I don't have space to go down the entire PRI roster, but you know it's packed with talent that makes a difference.

Just as important is the strong leadership, as well as the powerful resources, that have been applied to the growth of PRI since our purchase by SEMA. The benefits to the industry from this change have been huge, from the reduction of two trade shows to one and the move of the PRI Show to Indianapolis, to the current battle with the EPA to prevent it from essentially altering the face of the sport.  The SEMA Board of Directors and CEO Chris Kersting have proven over and over again how much they value PRI, and the racing industry. SEMA leaders Bill Miller, Senior Vice President of Operations assumes oversight management responsibilities, while Peter MacGillivray will oversee the sales and magazine publishing team.  They have the experience and savvy to continue serving and helping the racing industry succeed and prosper.

Time to move on down the track and negotiate the next turn. I'll see you at the races!

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