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New Event For 2012: Winning the eRace
By John Kilroy on July 27, 2012

If there is one area in which virtually every racing businessperson feels they need tuning up, it’s digital marketing. The PRI Trade Show offers a solution!

On Wednesday, November 28, at 9 a.m., the doors will open in Orlando to a day-long presentation of a variety of topics aimed at getting racing business folks up to speed in one of the most affordable, most effective ways to increase sales—digital marketing.

We’re calling it, “Winning The eRace,” and it’s being presented at no charge for attending buyers at this year’s PRI Trade Show.

The world has changed. There are many new tools available to racing retailers, race engine builders and other racing businesses via the Internet. In “Winning The eRace,” we’ll bring you along at a basic speed so that you can return home ready to implement new ways of promoting your business and ringing up sales.

Topics will include e-newsletters, search engine optimization (SEO), advertising on Google, setting up a virtual store, best practices in digital advertising, managing forums and using social media. If you’ve ever wanted to sit in on a seminar where you can get the best advice in these areas, take notes, and figure the right action steps for your own company as a result of what you hear, this is it. Get the answers. Click here to register online. Or, email Gabriela Ortega at

Our goal at PRI is to help provide racing business owners with ever more business tools with which to generate greater sales and profits. This is what industry trade shows are all about: you go to make more money. The 2012 PRI Trade Show offers thousands of new racing products on display from which racing businesspeople can generate sales and profits in 2013. There will be well over 1,000 companies exhibiting, all ready to give you a presentation on how you can make more money with their product lines or their race shop machining equipment.

The basic reality is that the racing industry as a whole competes with other industries for discretionary spending. For the industry to grow, we want to get better at attracting newcomers to the sport and keeping them in the sport (versus buying a bass boat, a snowmobile, etc). In addition to race tracks and race sanctioning organizations, racing businesses are on the front lines in this effort. A retailer of racing parts, or a race engine builder, is key in welcoming a rookie to the sport, and helping them be as competitive as possible right at the start. They are also key in helping long-time enthusiasts move from the mid-pack to the front. After all, it’s winning, or the chance of winning, that is what keeps people racing.

Getting connected with potential new customers, and staying connected with current customers is the key to merchandising these days. We invite you to attend the “Winning The eRace” seminar on digital marketing for racing businesses, and improve your effectiveness right away.

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