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New For 2015 PRI Show!
By John Kilroy on June 19, 2015

The Hall of Fame Museum on the grounds of Indianapolis Motor Speedway has long been one of our favorite places on Earth. Every few steps, there's a momentous advance in racing technology as you view race cars from across the decades that were raced at the Indy 500. And there's plenty more on display at the museum, including historic race engines, photos, and more. Plus, there's the legendary Borg Warner trophy.

Well, we're excited to tell you that the Hall of Fame Museum will be installing a special exhibit in the 2015 Performance Racing Industry Trade Show! The exhibit is unique to the PRI Trade Show, and is called, "Evolution Of The IndyCar." Ellen Bireley, director of the Museum, said she plans to have six race cars brought over from the Museum for the exhibit in the PRI Trade Show, along with several race engines. The Borg Warner trophy will also make a one-day appearance at the Show.

"We are extremely proud our collection and happy that attendees from all over the United States and the world will be able to see our cars, take photos and share the their experiences with friends and family," said Bireley. "We're very honored to be included in PRI2015."

And the PRI team is equally proud to be able to present this exhibit to attendees and exhibitors at this year's big PRI Trade show.

A new exhibitor service for the PRI Trade Show will become immediately apparent during move-in days this year. Fern Exposition, the designated decorator and service provider for the PRI Trade Show, will be providing exhibitors with Personal Exhibitor Assistants (P.E.A.).

Each exhibitor at PRI2015 will have a designated P.E.A. to deliver concierge service to them on the Show floor. Each of Fern's P.E.A.'s will have an iPad to quickly access any information, place an order, look up freight, etc.

The P.E.A.s will be highly visible and accessible to attend to exhibitors' every need. Their personalized assistance will curtail long walks to the service desk on the part of exhibitors, and provide service with no waiting in line.

"This is a valuable step for PRI in improving customer service for exhibitors," said John Kilroy, producer of the PRI Trade Show. "The P.E.A.'s will introduce themselves to exhibitors as the exhibit setup crew arrives and check in on their initial needs. After that, whenever an exhibitor needs their P.E.A., all they have to do is text them.

"We appreciate this innovation by Fern Exposition, and all it will do to simplify the logistics of setting up for a big trade show," said Kilroy.

These new features of the PRI Trade Show are reflections of our goal to keep the event one of the most productive and well organized trade shows in the country. We'll have more announcements soon on the educational offerings and fun gatherings that go along with the three biggest business days in racing. Stay tuned!

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