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Laying The Groundwork
By Dan Schechner on August 1, 2016

It’s August, which can mean only one thing for the denizens of PRI’s Laguna Beach, California, offices—Trade Show prep season! As it does every year, our beachside compound has been transformed into a vortex of activity concentrated around the world’s premier event for motorsports professionals.

Our Sales and Marketing department is working closely with exhibitors to ensure a smooth and successful experience before, during and after they take to the floor of the Indiana Convention Center. Meantime, PRI’s Art department is busy designing new graphics and signage that will adorn the Convention Center walls and hallways, transforming it into an unmistakable hub of the latest race parts, equipment, systems and solutions.

And then there’s the Trade Show department, which is coordinating and confirming the Show’s jam-packed events schedule, launching PRI’s domestic and international advertising campaigns, collecting promotional materials for exhibitors, and running full-throttle to bring tens of thousands of qualified buyers and attendees from all 50 states and dozens of countries to the Racing Capital of the World for three days of new ideas, technology and business, all under one roof.

Soon we’ll be releasing our redesigned 2016 Pre-Registration Brochure, filled with valuable information and the latest head-count of hardcore racing companies booked to exhibit at PRI 2016; and in-house, we’ve fortified our ranks with friendly administrators trained to assist attendees with everything from early registration to travel and housing arrangements.

In the pages of PRI Magazine, beginning with this August issue, we’re providing more information than ever for racing companies to arrive in Indianapolis ready to shop, ask good questions, and make wise purchasing decisions for the 2017 race season.

We’ve expanded and enhanced our traditional Machinery Row Preview section (beginning on page 9) to include Shop Machinery, Fabricating and Welding Equipment, and Cutters and Abrasives—each with its own breakout sidebar, and all of which will be well-represented by scores of top manufacturers and expert technicians on the Trade Show floor.

Which means a little research beforehand could save valuable time once the exhibit hall doors open and the countdown truly begins.

The good news, however, is that we’ve already done much of the legwork for you, as you’ll discover in our coverage of Top-Of-The-Line Shop Machining Equipment (beginning on page 10), where Mike Cope of Indianapolis-based Hurco North America was among those offering words of wisdom to help streamline the selection process.

“Before shopping for CNC equipment,” he told us, “a prospective buyer should consider what kind of work they will be manufacturing, and then educate themselves on the features and benefits that would assist them in manufacturing those products. For example: A shop that focuses on prototype or R&D parts would benefit from the quick turnaround offered by conversational programming. On the other hand, if a shop runs on high-volume production, then machine speed becomes a big factor. They should pay close attention to rapid traverse rates and chip-to-chip tool-change times.”

Future editions of PRI Magazine will keep you fully informed and updated on all planned happenings in and around the Show floor, as well as the various conferences, seminars and special events of Race Industry Week, including the acclaimed Advanced Engineering Technology Conference (AETC), the International Council of Motorsport Sciences’ (ICMS) Annual Congress, Race Track Safety Program and Race Track Safety Team Demonstration, the Race Track Business Conference, the Hot Rodders of Tomorrow National Championships, and the all-new International Motorsports Trade Seminar, among many others.  

And it all culminates with the 29th annual PRI Trade Show, December 8–10, 2016, which we’re proud to say is shaping up to be one of our best ever. Stay tuned!

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