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Keeping Up With David Vizard--More Seminars In 2012
By John Kilroy on February 20, 2012

Well known author and engine builder David Vizard has captivated an audience of race engine builders and members of professional race teams for two years running with his tech seminars at the PRI Trade Show. His one-hour (it actually ran 2-1/2 hours by the time he made it out the door) tech seminar for Scat in a jam-packed meeting room at the 2010 PRI Trade Show was followed up at the 2011 PRI with a return for Scat and also one for Dart.

Vizard first made the move from author to seminar presenter in 1995 with a performance seminar at the University of Colorado at Denver. It was a great success, and was followed by many more seminars at universities through 1999, when he moved to Tobago (an island in the Caribbean).

Vizard already has more seminars scheduled for 2012. One will be held in California in April and one at Swansea University in the UK in September.

For more details of DV’s seminars and some testimonials from some of the most successful engine builders worldwide go to

And if you live in the Roanoke, Virginia area, there is an opportunity for you to meet Vizard. From March 2 - 4 there will be an auto show at Roanoke Civic Center. Click here for more details.

At the Terry Walters Precision Engines booth you can meet both David and his 16 year old daughter Jacque who, this year is racing two drag race Mustangs (one of which she builds the engine for) and a rear engine dragster.

We’ll keep you informed of any other seminar news for Vizard, especially as it might pertain to the 2012 PRI Trade Show.

Keep an eye out for more David Vizard tech seminars in 2012.

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