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Karting In Costco
By John Kilroy on September 13, 2011

Bold thinking is a much-admired trait in these times, when we’ve all come to the conclusion that what worked in 2007 may not work today.

It’s no time to be lazy in our thinking.

And so, when we come across a bold moment of marketing, it’s a cool thing to just stop and appreciate it.

Here’s our most recent such moment: Walking through Costco (chaing of warehouse discount stores), when we saw a major display up front for K1 Speed Indoor Go Kart Racing.

Karting in Costco? How did that happen? Someone was thinking outside the box!

In the neverending battle of motorsports versus stick-and-ball sports, a key competition to attract the next generation of racers, K1 Speed is certainly doing its part, having grown to nine centers nationwide. And now they’re taking their message to those outside of racing, that racing is a ton of fun, and they’re making it an attractive, easy and affordable right there at the front of Costco!

Congratulations to K1 Speed!

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