"It's Started!" - September Issue's Publisher's Page | Performance Racing Industry
"It's Started!" - September Issue's Publisher's Page
By on September 2, 2011

I was calmly working at my desk, when suddenly our Senior Trade Show Coordinator and Master of Attendee Registration Nicole Harless came storming into my office and in a loud and excited voice exclaimed, “It’s started. It’s started. We are already receiving attendee preregistration forms and we have not even started our PRI Trade Show preregistration campaign!”

Nicole’s excitement stems from the fact that we have already launched our extensive print and web-based advertising program both domestically and internationally. I guess I can confidently say that “advertising pays” as we are getting a great response. However, Nicole is right about the fact that we have not truly launched our entire 2011 PRI Trade Show preregistration attendee promotion blitz, but that will soon happen with the first mailings of our brochures and other action steps.

We are very excited about this early surge of attendee interest, but we are equally excited about the launch coming up of our extensive direct mail and web-based promotion, along with our one-on-one registration calling program that is designed to develop and generate attendee preregistration for the 24th Annual PERFORMANCE RACING INDUSTRY Trade Show that opens at the Orange County Convention Center on December 1st.

Our Trade Show Manager Karin Davidson, Senior Art Director Rob Hiner and PRI Magazine Editor John Kilroy have worked with Nicole as a team the past few months and have designed one fantastic attendee development program. Our “VIP” preregistration mailing were sent to ALL who attended last year’s PRI Trade Show. This special VIP program allows previous attendees to just say, “Yes, count me in for this year,” and they do not have to fill out any forms or send any documentation of their business affiliation. It is simple and easy for a whole group of attendees to quickly and easily preregister then obtain their badges in the mail without any extra effort. Then we will send out our BIG preregistration brochure to 50,000-plus racing businesses worldwide like we have been doing for the past 23 years. This is the BIG one that is the true workhorse that develops a large share of the overall attendee registration.

Then we start our personal “one on one” outgoing calling program engineered by preregistration expert Nicole Harless. Nicole’s outgoing registration calling team speaks with hundreds of racing businesspeople on a daily basis to help them preregister for the PRI Trade Show as well as help arrange hotel and travel plans.

Click here to register in our new, easy online process. It takes minutes. You just fill in the blanks, and hit the submit button. You'll receive confirmation of your credential request within one business day.

Earl Gaerte: On another note, I received word from a friend that master engine builder and friend Earl Gaerte passed away. Earl had been ill for quite some time, but the surprise of hearing of his passing was a shock. Earl was known for building engines for almost every type of racing, but he was also known as a kind, soft-spoken man who loved racing and had many friends. I was blessed to have been a customer of Earl Gaerte and enjoyed winning races with his little four-cylinder midget engine. Earl will be missed by all as he gave so much to our industry for so many years. Rest in peace, Earl.

Michael Lewis: On a personal note, I wanted to mention that something very special occurred at Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium where our son Michael Lewis had a spectacular outing in his PREMA Powerteam Formula 3 Italia car. He set the pole position, then in the pouring-down rain, Michael led every lap of the race to win his first Formula 3 Italia event! He now leads the F-3 Italia Rookie Championship and is second overall in the F-3 Italia series. His mom, Loretta, and I, are very proud of what he is doing and the Spa win was certainly a reward for all his hard work.

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