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By John Kilroy on December 2, 2014

At 9:30 a.m., Thursday, December 11, 2014, the doors will officially open for one of the most amazing events on the annual motorsports calendar. While there won’t be fast cars at speed or the daring of great drivers in action, there will be the genius on display of the industry that supplies this great sport. In 2015, race cars will be faster. They will be better handling. They will have less DNFs. It still won’t be easy to win a race, but the technology will continue to advance and your single best chance to keep up with these coming changes will start at 9:30 a.m., Thursday, December 11, in Indianapolis.

More than the parts, there are the thousands of business transactions that will be discussed, weighed and completed. Racing businesspeople will be sizing up the future, anticipating changes and placing their best bets, based on their years of knowledge, experience and, oftentimes, a gut feel. Eventually, racers are well supplied throughout 2015 with exciting new racing products at fair prices.

What’s on view at every PRI Trade Show is that rare industry that is based as much on passion, as profit. We get to experience it in action, as tens of thousands of racing professionals shop and buy the next generation of speed parts. This event is a 27-year-old tradition that retains every bit as much of its energy on the Show floor as the first event. A lot of industry friends will reconnect. In addition to all the business taking place on the Show floor, the PRI Trade Show is a lot of fun due to the people involved, and the passion they all share for pushing the envelope of speed.

We would like to thank the exhibiting companies for their demanding search for technical excellence and innovation. Also, each exhibiting company arrives in Indianapolis with its own strategies for capturing the attention of buyers, resulting in a spectacular presentation of new racing technology in impressive exhibits throughout the Indiana Convention Center. The technology on display is the driving force of buyer attendance for the PRI Trade Show. If you’re in the business of auto racing, you just can’t stay home. Thank you, exhibitors!

The PRI team stands ready to make your visit to this year’s PRI Trade Show as efficient, affordable and productive as possible. If you have any questions, look for someone with a PRI logo on their apparel. They’ll get you an answer right quick. Throughout the year, the PRI team has worked closely with the SEMA team on various aspects of putting together this event, and we’d like to thank them for all of their help. It’s been great to be able to call upon the considerable skills and experience of the SEMA team.

Other key partners in producing the PRI Trade Show are the VisitIndy and Indiana Convention Center teams. They’ve made it clear to us that the PRI Trade Show is a big deal to the city of Indianapolis, and they’re going to go the distance to ensure another successful event. When you go out on the town and the steaks are hot, the beer is cold, and the service is fast, you should know that the VisitIndy folks have been hard at work to make this happen.

Welcome to Indianapolis! Enjoy everything this great Show has to offer!

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