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I Want My MavTV
By John Kilroy on May 29, 2014

It’s time once again for racers and race fans to help construct a new national cable TV network. I had been waiting patiently for MavTV to arrive in my cable box, but when our good friend Dave Despain started airing his new show on MavTV, it was definitely time to take action. I called Time Warner Cable on their customer service number and had a conversation with Priscilla, in Texas, who was very helpful and a race fan. We talked about the new Austin track (Circuit of Americas), and we both agreed we’ve got to catch the F1 race there one day. “That would be awesome!” said Priscilla.

She had heard of MavTV, but asked for more details, “What kind of programming is that?” It felt great to describe the need for MavTV throughout the Time Warner Cable system, “There’s a lot of great grassroots racing. Dirt late models, sprint cars, modifieds...” Priscilla kept searching on her end of the line for more information on MavTV, and was immediately enthusiastic upon discovering it, “Oh, yes! They’ve got all kinds of things on MavTV!” Yes, they do indeed, Priscilla. Time Warner Cable is a provider of MavTV, but not in my area, Priscilla said. She put in the request to get MavTV to my hometown.

For the readership of this magazine, MavTV needs no explanation. It’s another venture from Lucas Oil, which may just be the most innovative company in racing right now. They rebranded the cable network in mid-2012, and you can find all the Lucas Oil racing series on MavTV, in addition to a variety of other racing series, from Indiana sprint car racing to Best In The Desert off-road racing.

A good place to get started in getting your cable TV company to provide you with MavTV is the MavTV website (www.mavtv.com). You’ll see a menu option at the top right for “Get MavTV.” The site will even provide you with an email form to complete and send instantly to your cable TV provider (I filled that out, too).

Race fans played a key role in establishing several cable TV networks, beginning with ESPN. The new cable TV company not only found an instant audience of millions in race fans craving more motorsports on TV, but also found race sponsors to be a terrific source for commercial sales. Race fans demanded their ESPN, and the new idea took hold. Race fans then also helped ‘construct’ ESPN2 and, naturally, SpeedChannel.

My TV time never recovered from the loss of Thursday Night Thunder, when you could see great drivers like Stan Fox, Rich Vogler, Jeff Gordon, Kenny Irwin Jr., Mike Bliss, Tony Stewart and others battle it out on the nation’s short tracks each week. Yes, Priscilla, I want my MavTV.

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