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Gaerte Engines
By John Kilroy on September 21, 2012

I was going over my notes from my visits with racing companies in Indiana this past summer, and was reminded of my visit with Joe and Brenda Gaerte, of Gaerte Engines, Rochester, Indiana. I sure enjoyed reminiscing about Earl and all he did for the racing industry. The Gaerte Gatherings of long ago were great fun, and most informative. There was sadness, too, as Joe and Brenda shared the experience of Earl's last days.

While Gaerte Engines no longer utilizes the full facility that Earl built over the years in Rochester, which grew to be quite large, Brenda and Joe are definitely maintaining a race engine machine shop producing competitive race engines. They explained that Joe was managing the business two years before Earl passed away, and the shop has maintainted much of the team of machinists and mechanics that produced the same winning engines as when Earl was alive. Brenda and Joe have had to work through managing the Earl’s estate following his untimely death, but they want to get the word out that they’re dedicated to keeping Gaerte Engines at the front of the pack. From sprint car motors to late model motors and more, they’re ready and eager to deliver. A stop at a sprint car builder’s shop later that day confirmed that he had maintained Gaerte Engines as his source of motors. So, I wanted to pass the word along that Brenda and Joe and the entire Gaerte Engines team are ready as always to compete for your business. They can be reached at 574/223-3016, or visit

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