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Eibach Celebrates 30 Years In US
By Laura Pitts on May 4, 2017

Eibach welcomed PRI to its North American production plant in Corona, California, for the company's recent 30th-anniversary-in-the-USA celebration and open house, where we saw firsthand how much goes into creating high-performance suspension springs, components and systems.

The 155,000-square-foot facility houses 130 employees and produces springs, sway bars, shock absorbers and many more of Eibach’s suspension products, which are shipped throughout North America and 81 different countries.

PRI caught up with Eibach’s VP of Operations & Engineering Christian Sebralla at the open house who clued us in on what the next few months look like for Eibach. (We’ll give you a hint: it’s busy.)

“We’re putting a lot of effort into the shock absorbers market with a lot of emphasis on the Pro-Truck Shock Production. We are well known for springs, but not yet for shocks. We’re going to change that,” Sebralla said.

While circle track has been a strong market for the company, Sebralla also gave some insight on Eibach's fastest-growing market: UTV’s.

While there is already a hefty market for those who enjoy recreational desert driving, there’s also a growing UTV race market, as evidenced in part by the Polaris RZR UTV World Championship in Laughlin, Arizona. And Eibach was there—as team sponsors and spectators—during the April 13–15 event.

Something else that caught our attention during the open house was the manufacturer’s dedication to quality. After discovering some time ago that powder coats weren’t adhering to its springs’ surface properly, Eibach's research found that regular tap water was the problem. This led to the development of an in-house water filtration process that is used by the company today.

Eibach originated in Germany in 1951 under founder Heinrich Eibach. Following Heinrich's passing, his son Wilfried Eibach took over, and in 1987 opened North America’s first Eibach production plant in Corona. Eibach also has production plants in Frinnentrop, Germany, and Shanghai, China, as well as offices in Australia, England and South Africa.

For more information on Eibach, visit eibach.com/america/. And to view photos from PRI's visit to the Eibach production plant in Corona, California, visit PRI's Facebook page here.

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