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Ed Pink Racing Engines Open House
By John Kilroy on October 15, 2013

Reed Morales and I greatly enjoyed a trip this past weekend up to Van Nuys for the open house for Ed Pink Racing Engines. Frank Honsowetz is now running the operation, with Tom Molloy as CEO. However, Ed Pink was there, and naturally, a star attraction. At one point, I found myself talking to Ed and Harry Hibler, a driving force at Peterson Publishing back in the early days. I had to tell them that when I was reading Hot Rod magazine back when I was 13, they were the ones creating the world I daydreamed about when reading the magazine. I thanked them.

It was also amazing to have Ed Pink explain his custom dynos, and point out fixtures that were manufactured by Art Chrisman back when Art worked temporarily for Ed. So much great history in that shop.

Ed shared an interesting point of view when it comes to dyno sheets. “Eventually, the guys all bring those dyno sheets to bars,” said Ed, explaining that they start racing dyno sheets over beers, which can lead to some big mistakes in judgment on their part when it comes to actual on-track performance. So, Ed stopped giving out dyno sheets.

He told the story of a vintage racer for whom Ed had built a great engine. When a friend of the racer showed the dyno sheet for his race engine, Ed’s customer came back to the shop to complain. Ed said he would return the man’s money if he wasn’t satisfied with what the car would do on the track, a sum of about $30,000. The customer went on to win his historics race, leaving his friend in the dust. Another race won by The Old Master.

Frank is running a busy shop, with plenty of interesting things going on. Ed Pink Racing Engines can build virtually any engine a customer wants. They’re doing a lot of vintage/historics work right now, so there were a lot of great old race engines to see during the open house...Novi, Cosworth, Porsche, etc.

Frank said they’re also building engines that head to Asia, such as several that went on to be used in drifting competitions. He was also naturally very proud of the customer work done for an oil pump for Nissan’s LMP2 cars. He showed me the company’s CNC equipment, as well as it’s Spintron.

From trick oil pumps to winning race engines, there continues to be a lot of cutting edge activity at Ed Pink Racing Engines, and race guys who really know their stuff.
Ed Pink Racing Engines Dyno
Here's the dyno at Ed Pink Racing Engines, with a Cosworth racing engine ready for testing.

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