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Coming Attractions
By on September 27, 2011

For our PRI team here in Laguna Beach, this time of the year is always exciting. There are many things happening and everyone is very busy working on a variety of projects that include the three big fall issues of PRI Magazine (October, November and December). Then we have our Trade Show team working long days to get everything in order for our 24th Annual PERFORMANCE RACING INDUSTRY Trade Show at the Orange County Convention Center that opens on December 1st. Also, coming in to visit us for the last three weeks was Arianna Maugeri, our European marketing specialist. Arianna works with Francisque Savinien and plays a key role in developing international attendance as well as exhibitors. Upon her arrival she was very exited to share with me that she met Red Bull Formula 1 team leader Adrian Newey at the MIA House Of Lords function in early July. During the conversation with Adrian, she asked him for an interview. Guess what? He said, “Yes,” and this week Arianna interviewed Adrian Newey while he was at the Monza Formula 1 race. This is quite an accomplishment. Arianna’s interview with Adrian was very insightful, and will be featured in the BIG November Show Issue.

Another important “coming attraction” that will be featured in the November Show Issue is Greg Zyla’s Industry Insights interview of Hendrick Motorsports leader of the No. 48 Jimmie Johnson car, Mr. Chad Knaus. Here we are, right in the middle of the NASCAR Chase For The Championship, and Greg Zyla was able to catch Chad with a spare moment.

Here we have the wonderful opportunity to share with our 25,000-plus readers “special insights” from two brilliant team managers both who are responsible for massive budgets and the directing of the efforts of two championship-winning teams. I can’t wait to read and learn the behind-the-scenes effort and approach of both Adrian and Chad. It will be excellent reading.

Another “coming attraction” that is rapidly gaining momentum is the RED BULL KART FIGHT at PRI presented by ROTAX. I mentioned in last month’s Publisher’s Page that we were bringing back the kart race to again be a part of the Thursday opening day activities. Now we have sent out the race entry form throughout the kart industry and teams and drivers are returning forms at a rapid pace, so we will have a full field of young karters as well as a great compliment of all-star drivers ready to race Thursday night right after the conclusion of the famous Budweiser – PRI Happy Hour. Practice will begin at 3:30 p.m., and the first race is scheduled to start at 6:30 p.m. We will house the kart teams in a BIG tent, while we will also bring in plenty of grandstand seating so everyone will have a good seat to watch the great racing action. Trade Show Director Karin Davidson is planning a food and beverage area so it will be easy to grab a cold beverage and something good to eat before going to the grandstands to watch the young karters and all-star drivers have at it. 

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