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Big Response!
By John Kilroy on May 31, 2013

As my father would exclaim when something big happened around our house, “Man, oh, man!” Those were my words when we completed the initial floor plan plotting process for the 2013 PRI Trade Show. The big response by racing companies to the return of the PRI Trade Show to Indianapolis, and the consolidation of two shows into one, has been huge. Throughout the Indiana Convention Center, attendees of this year’s Show will experience an extraordinary array of exhibits by hardcore racing parts manufacturers that hasn’t been seen in years. When we fire up the interactive online floor plan, we experience a virtual tour of the floor plan and it’s a speed feast throughout the Convention Center. From small specialist racing companies to the biggest brand names in hardcore racing, the PRI Trade Show in Indianapolis will be an amazing showcase of racing technology today for all forms of auto racing. The PRI team has even gone through the list of exhibitors to remove a dozen companies not deemed hardcore racing. Picture 1100 racing companies bringing their latest hardcore racing product lines and the expertise on how to utilize these trick new parts. The return of the PRI Trade Show to Indianapolis this year is truly shaping up to be a ‘can’t miss’ event.

Click here to check out the new floor plan for the PRI Trade Show in Indianapolis. It's something to see!

The high volume of hotel rooms already booked for Indianapolis is another measure of the building anticipation for this year’s PRI Trade Show. PRI’s Travel & Housing Manager Michelle Gallegos reports that hotel rooms booked for Indianapolis is running at double the pace PRI experienced last year. At press time, we were actually zooming in on the total hotel rooms we book for all of last year...with over six months to go. Man, oh, man. We’re estimating a gathering of 40,000 motorsports professionals. A lot of business is going to get done. And we’ll have some fun, too, especially in the post-Show hours when the racing industry takes over downtown Indianapolis on Show nights.

Michelle has worked with the Indianapolis hotels to secure great rates at downtown Indy hotel, all conveniently located within walking distance. Stay where the action is...downtown! We worked out complimentary in-room WiFi with each Show hotel. There are no booking fees, and no deposit is required.

Click here to reserve your hotel room today.

Click here to register online.

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