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3rd Note On "Fun & Affordability"
By John Kilroy on March 8, 2012

The starting point for the birth of the RaceSaver Sprint Car Series, founded by French Grimes 17 years ago, was to provide a place for the working man to go open wheel racing. “I’m trying to be like Johnny Appleseed. I want to see RaceSaver across the country as a good Sprint Car class,” he continued. “I want it to propagate and continue to be a class that blue collar guys have a chance to race in. They can come and race with us, bring the whole family and have fun, and even if they don’t win, they’ll be treated with respect.”

The series has now grown to 650-plus drivers at 60-plus tracks, and recently partnered with the IMCA for further growth!

There's a lot of acitivity in the racing industry right now in series and racing formats that provide a working man with all the thrills of motorsports at a budget that he could fairly afford as something that's a driving passion in his (or her) life.

Congratulations to French Grimes for his dedication to racing, and his ability to create and grow this series.

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